They are believing the lies!!!!

Yesterday [31st August 2018] saw an outpouring of complete guff from the mainstream media as almost all carried sparkling headlines on the ‘civil war’ that has broken out within the Scottish National Party, however one thing seemed to be missing – evidence.

The thing that seemed to stand out as I stepped into the shop was bold headlines of SNP, Salmond and Sturgeon as the Corporate media manipulated unsuspecting shoppers into thinking, Salmond was some sort of sex pest – again without a shred of evidence being presented and that Sturgeon was his ‘good friend’ In addition to this, they suggested that the Scottish National Party were on the brink of civil war. Again, completely fabricated.

This manipulation is not aimed at members of the SNP, this is aimed at those who would ‘lend their vote’ who are ‘rightly’ disgusted at the thought of supporting a party who have someone accused of sexual harassment within their midst. Regardless of whether there is evidence or not, the damage to Salmond has been done, his reputation lies in tatters at the hands of journalists like Alex Massie who seemed to gloat at the fact Salmond’s political career is over – for now!

The media have been gunning for Salmond, they see him as the figure head of the independence movement and with him gone, they believe the independence movement will disintegrate. They are yet to see that the independence movement is a Broadchurch, it is made up of people, from all walks of life, many of whom see this latest attack on Salmond as a smear campaign and who intend to help him gain a Judicial Review, regardless of what the media and political opponents believe.

I am more concerned with those out-with social media who still get their news from the corporate media, people like my 90-year-old neighbour who asked me outright what I thought of Salmond and was surprised that he had not been charged with anything and was taking a civil servant to court. There are many like my neighbour who still trust the media to tell them the truth, they are the ones being manipulated. They are the ones we need to reach. If we do not get a grip on this, then Scotland will be sold, lock, stock and barrel to the next big corporate leader and the media will move onto something, or someone else. It is all right to talk on social media, joke even. The #snpcivilwar hash tag has been hilarious, but there are people out-with social media who are believing the lies of the corporate media and must be reached.