Only independence claimants!!!

It is no surprise at all that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are going after benefit claimants who are attending #AUOB march and rallies! This has the Scottish Tories written all over it!!! 

In a statement posted on the social media site ‘Twitter’ SNP Politics News informed every one of an email they have been shown:

“We have received sight of an email which was given to DWP staff this week. It comes to us from a ‘longstanding’ whistle-blower and asks staff to report benefit recipients who are attending #AUOB & similar Scottish Indy marches. All this supposedly in the name of fraud prevention.”

The tweet linked part of the email with applied to Scotland and specifically the independence movement. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from the DWP but what’s new, they disgust me  daily.

The email read:

“…we have been made aware of a number of instances involving claimants to be ‘virtually unable to walk’ but attending and in some cases organising political marches in Scotland. (something has been blacked out) seconded three additional officers to review.

If you have any local claimants (referrals or regular) who may be attending these ‘independence events and rallies while claiming a disability, please let Simon have a list to allow him to task the new resources next week. “


Is this specific to those ‘attending independence marches and rallies’ or are those attending Orange Order marches being taken into consideration and if so, why are they not specifically mentioned?

The email stated, ‘claimants were ‘attending and in some cases organising’ this suggests the DWP have had claimants under surveillance, therefore who is being surveyed, by whom and why? I could hazard a guess that this has the Scottish Tories written all over it.

This is no longer bordering on fascism, putting people on lists was a fascist trait, and is very worrying indeed. This email suggests that it is only those attending the independence marches that are to be put under surveillance; disgusting behaviour but sadly what we have come to expect from a fascist governing body.

We need out of this union and quickly!