The cesspit that is British Labour

It is with interest that I have been following the Labour Party Conference, all those anti-Semites; anti-Catholics, and now, we find that nationalists in Scotland are to be killed. I wonder what method the Member of Parliament for Wansbeck had in mind when he made his remarks.

“We need to kill off the nationalists in Scotland and regain that great country.” Said Ian Lavery, wow, feeling the love comrades?

The sense of entitlement to Scotland that British Labour politicians hold is astounding, they really do believe that Scotland belongs to them and we have no right whatsoever to vote for anyone but them. A Labour politician has just threatened to have nationalist supporters wiped out and no one batted an eyelid. They still do not understand that their downfall in Scotland is of their own making. They effectively turned their back on the very people who kept them in power in this country for decades in the vain attempt to gain power south of the border. And to hell with their loyal support up here. They did not give us a thought when they were shifting the party to the right, they did not give a single solitary thought of what the abandonment of their socialist values would do to their support here. All they were interested in was getting the Tory vote. They are not the party of Keir Hardie, the man would be spinning in his grave if he saw what had become of Scottish Labour.

It seems to be one thing after another with Labour, anti-Semitism, is alleged to be rife within it, and now, an MSP aired is anti-Catholic views for all to hear.  Although the person in question, Andy Kerr apologised, informing everyone that it was a joke and to be fair, to me it sounded like a joke. However, if this is what Labour are comfortable saying in public, what do they say in private?

Not content with killing off nationalists, and making anti-Catholic remarks, the Labour of the Scottish branch of the London party would deny the people of Scotland their democratic right to choose their own path. It just gets worse, and worse and worse. Labour are finished in Scotland, ex-voters like myself saw the shift to the right, saw them appeal to middle England to gain power, our loyalty did not matter to them, our socialist values did not matter. Our trust was crushed underfoot. Once that has gone, it is gone forever. It is not the nationalist that are at fault, it is not the Scottish National Party, it is Labour themselves, they destroyed their party and have no one to blame but themselves.