The Chameleon – Ruth Davidson

Ruth Davidson is not a politician, she just pretends to be!

In her recent speech to the gathered faithful Conservatives, not many, by the look of things, she professed her greatness by informing them of the great work she and her party were doing north of the border. Yes, I was surprised to, in fact, so surprised that I fell from my chair laughing. However, having recovered my composure I continued with the task, and it was a task, well more a chore than a task. Researching how Ruth had singlehandedly restored the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party’s fortunes north of the border left me feeling quite ill. In her opening remarks to the empty hall, Ruth stated that it had been seven years since she’d been to Birmingham, well when I say seven years, I mean seven years since she stood on a stage in front of her peers to deliver a speech. She may have been in Birmingham baking cakes, or looking at tanks, or flogging her book. But she was back this week to promote herself and her greatness.

“Seven years ago I came to conference looking to lead the party north of the border. I promised you I would grow the Conservative family in Scotland. Well never let it be said, I’m not a woman of my word.”

I envisaged applause at that point because I never actually watched the speech, I just read the transcript, the Spectator were very kind to print, just in case people wanted to marvel in it.

Ruth has grown the Conservative family here in Scotland, well where are they all? There has only been one growth in Scotland and that is the Scottish National Party, the second highest overall, most people I know are all SNP supporters or members, I have yet to come across someone who supports the Conservative and Unionist Party, but that’s not to say they don’t exist; perhaps they just don’t like to admit it.

Ruth went on:

“I could tell you about the fantastic work our 31 [is that all] MSP’s are doing in Holyrood day-by-day holding Nicola Sturgeon’s miserabilist SNP government to account, I could let you know about the work our superb 13 Scottish Conservatives and Unionist MP’s who day by day, are showing that you can stand up for Scotland without walking out on the UK.”

“Or I could talk for days about all the unseen stuff – the work our hundreds of councillors are doing every day for communities right across the country, showing that contrary to our opponents’ ‘claims; conservatism isn’t alien to Scotland but that it’s of Scotland.”

Well she could tell, but did she? No, she did not, because they have done nothing to stand up for the people of Scotland. All her magnificent Tories have done is sit on their hands and let their peers dictate what is to happen in Scotland. She neglected to inform her peers how her Tories stole councils from the people who voted in the SNP by going into coalition with others to bring about policies that are having a direct effect on those who did not vote for them. She could tell how her Tories get hammered in every debate in Holyrood, how she herself, gets her arse handed to her by the First Minister every Thursday during First Minister’s Questions. She could tell those gathered how the BBC have kept her relevant, how she goes into hiding during times of crisis in the Conservative and Unionist Party, only to remerge when the coast is clear of when she has a cake to bake, or book to sell.

Ruth’s only vice seems to be her continuous rambling on about a second independence referendum as she stated in her conference speech.

“Four years ago, the SNP told Scotland they’d respect the independence referendum result. And for four long years; they’ve been pushing, pushing, pushing, to have another go and to keep going until they get the result they want. And my response and the Prime Minister’s response has been clear. The people of Scotland spoke. They said no. It’s time to move on.”

I wish she would, the only one banging on and on and on and on and on and on and on about another referendum is Ruth Davidson. Ruth knows that another referendum is imminent, she knows that ALL the promises made to the people of Scotland have been broken. How dare this woman tell the SNP when they can hold another referendum. Scotland will not be permitted to hold another referendum until 2027 under a Conservative Government. Ruth was reported to have said. How dare this woman, who has not been voted into power in Scotland dictate to the people’s representative when she will be permitted to hold new referendum.

The SNP were voted into power on a mandate that ‘should a material change, such as being taken out of the European Union against our will’ then the people of Scotland must have a right to choose a different path. Ruth Davidson campaigned for remain but now seems to have changed her mind, like she does often. Ruth Davidson is like a chameleon, she changes her opinion to suit her party’s needs. And to hell with the people of Scotland. That is why the people have given their vote and their trust to the SNP. The people of Scotland are not the fools Westminster like to think we are, we are well aware of what is going on and when the time is right, charlatans, like Ruth will be confined into the depths of history as someone who did not have the best interests for Scotland or her people and who actively campaigned against them.