Tomorrow We March On The Capital!

These past weeks seem like a rollercoaster, what with Historical Environmental Scotland trying to put the kybosh on everything, the constant negativity coming from the unionist media and the constant talking down of our country by those who do not see its potential.

As I sit here on the eve of one of the most important days to come I have a smile on my face. As I read the tweets and facebook messages, there is a quiet rumbling going on all over Scotland it would seem. Scotland’s people are on the move, on buses, trains and some even flying into the capital. Preparations going on, we march at dawn, well not dawn, that’s just the creative side of me getting carried away. Yet there is a quiet excitement, like there was back in January, as the clock struck twelve, and the bells rang in the New Year. It was as if Scotland knew it was time to waken, time to stretch those tired old bones; the movement weary. Then came March, and HOOP. (Hands off our parliament) the sun came out after a long hard winter. A human chain protecting the parliament we fought for.

Glasgow, jaw dropping, on and on and on we came, saltires flying, St George’s to, All Under One Banner. The Unionist media and politicians were sent reeling, as thousands and thousands took to the streets as we marched around Scotland. And now we march on the Capital, standing on the shoulders being held up by giants.