Haven’t written in a while…

I took a break from everything, the blog, the movement, everything.

What is happening? People falling out, groups fighting; to those looking in from the outside, it looks like we are falling apart. Are we? Falling apart? We all still want the one thing, don’t we? It sure doesn’t feel like it. It feels like this movement is nothing more than a who’s who and who’s through. How can we fight for Scotland if we are fighting each other? Egos, getting in the way, the ‘big I am’s’ preening themselves with pride, chests puffed up, walking about with the peacock’s tail.

I am sick of it, do you want independence, yes or no? If the answer is a resounding yes, then the infighting must stop, however if the answer is yes but…well what can I say. Perhaps you should revalue why you want independence.

I know why I want it. I want independence because I am fed up being ruled by that relic in her palace, who incidentally has just gotten a huge raise while her (subjects) starve and die on her streets. All enabled by her puppets in Westminster, all of them!

I want independence for a fair society of course I do, however I want independence because I am a patriot. I know some of you reading this will recoil back in horror, because the word patriot is such a dirty word these days.

Let’s look at the meaning of the word patriot shall we?

To me, a patriot is someone who supports their country with vigour and will defend it against its enemies. According to the Cambridge English Distortionary however, (1) a patriot is “a person who loves their country and if necessary will fight for it. (2) “a person who loves his or her country and defends it when necessary” (3) A patriot, during the American Revolution was a person who believed in or fought for independence from Britain.

I wonder how all those who fought to free themselves from the clutches of Britain would feel knowing the close ties America still has with its enemy?

Is it wrong of me to love my country? To want what’s best of it? When I was fourteen I was asked a very profound question by my form teacher, it was during the Cold War with Russia, and she asked, “If Russia invaded Scotland tomorrow, what would you do? Would you seek out the best looking Russian, (remember, she was addressing a roomful of fourteen-year-old girls who had just discovered boys existed) or would you join the resistant. I did not flinch, I was clear in my mind. I would join the resistance because no one would invade my country.

Yet they have, lots of them, masquerading as having Scotland’s best interests at heart, yet seeking to sell it off piece by piece, their loyalty not to the people, but to that relic. Therefore, I shall ask you a question.

What is your motivation for independence?