Brexit deal anyone…no, not you Scotland, don’t be ridiculous!

Just about everyone on the entire planet knew May’s Brexit deal before the Scottish Government and indeed Scotland. However, are we surprised? Ever since we had the audacity to have a referendum to leave their precious union Scotland had been treated like the abused partner in a relationship. Yet Scotland always was the abused partner.

I am fed up to the back teeth of SNP politician after SNP politician moaning on twitter how unfair it all is and how they demand that Scotland is treated with respect. Are you kidding me. When has Scotland ever been treated with respect?

Okay, maybe in the dying days of the referendum when the yes campaign went ahead in the polls and the lunatic elite lost their shit and sent all those politicians up to tell us all how loved and respected we were and how we should come back and lead the UK, not leave the UK. Yes, I remember all that bullshit to.

The no vote gave the elite and their enables permission to do what the hell it likes to Scotland, from the 19th September 2014. When that big galoot Cameron came out of number 10 and made it all about English Votes for English Laws, we knew Scotland was finished. We should have made like the saltire as it was tied to number 10 and made good our escape but just like our flag we were caught and tied to Westminster for all eternity.

Now there is a deal on Brexit, a Brexit the majority of Scotland did not vote for, but we are to go with the consensus that it was a UK wide vote and we are just to like it or lump it. How is that, leading the UK working out for all you no voters?

Now I know some of you who know me and know I voted to leave the European Union,  might call me a hypocrite. I had and still have my reasons for voting the way I did. They are not democratic, but that said, they are more democratic that Westminster. Westminster are acting like a dictatorship and have been for some years now. The Conservative Government acting together with the Tories who infiltrated the Labour Party back in the 1990’s brought about a totalitarian state. Letting Tory policy through that Labour know are literally killing the most vulnerable in our society and a media complacent in this by not challenging them. We have the British Broadcasting Corporation who are the state ‘Tory’ broadcaster who do not hide the fact that they are the ‘Tory’ State Broadcaster anymore. We have journalists like Andrew Neil creating the news instead of reporting it. We have BBC presenters openly bias against Jeremy Corbyn. And we pay for this shit-show. Well some of us still pay for it.

We are literally in the last days of negotiating, the Brexit deal must be finalised by Friday I would say. Therefore, I am assuming that the First Minister of this Country Nicola Sturgeon will keep her promise and let the people decide. If a second referendum is not called, then we must do this ourselves or face having everything we have built since Thatcher destroyed this country ruined. If you think it is tough now, this is only the tip of the iceberg, wait until you must find thousands and thousands of pounds for medical treatment because one of the first trade deals will be the selling off of the NHS. An institution that belongs to the people. Tories and their enablers do not give two flying figs that this is our NHS. To their way of thinking, everything belongs to them to do with as they please and that includes Scotland and the people within this country. Time for us to go and time to send every last London based party in Scotland bouncing back to London.