The end is nigh…or is it?

Like most in the independence movement, I am chomping at the bit for Scotland to be an independent country. And believe me my friends, Scotland is more than capable. You only have to watch the meltdown of unionist journalists and politician to know this. This week has been particularly interesting, especially the wee poll Scotland in Union put out to fool everyone. Trouble is, they are only fooling themselves. Lulling themselves into a false sense of security as they believe the country is with them. It is not and with our exit from the European Union less than five months away, more and more people are thinking of independence and what that would mean for them.

I have said all along that we will only bring people with us when their livelihoods are at stake, when their cushy little lives are threatened. And it would seem they are threatened. That said, there are those who are thinking of their businesses and what leaving the union would do to them. Therefore, it is works both ways; those who will be affected by our ‘FORCED’ withdrawal from the European Union. And those who believe their business would suffer if we leave the Westminster Union. Those are real concerns and must be addressed.

It is hard to know where the balance is, are there more people worried about us leaving the European Union, worried for their jobs, do they outweigh those who do business with England? We in the independence movement must take this into consideration, we mustn’t be persuaded by the polls that show an increase for independence for Scotland because polls have been wrong before. However, by the way the unionist parties and journalists are acting, there must be a reason. Telling the First Minister to forget independence could be a bluff, perhaps to goad her into going too early, or they could genuinely be frightened because they know the end is nigh for the union. Either way we will know soon.

The ramping up of scare stories about what will happen when we leave the European Union is just that, scare stories. We do not know because we have not left yet, therefore it is something to bear in mind when we leave the union with Westminster. There are already scare stories of things being worse if Scotland leaves the union.

Worse for which part though?

We are always told how bad it would be if Scotland left, but never how bad it would be for England, therefore, the next time a unionist politician tells us how bad it would be for Scotland, perhaps we should ask him or her to explain how bad it would be for England. I have a suspicion it would be worse for them, but no journalist or politician will tell you that.

The end is nigh, either way, soon, the people of Scotland will have to make a choice, question is, do we leave it to our leaders, or do we demand it for ourselves?