Did you see the First Minister’s Press Conference? No, neither did we, unless you were on social media and had access to Russia Today!!!

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave a press conference yesterday, did you see it? Well if you relied on BBC or STV you would have seen a heavily edited version. I however watched it in its entirety on RT (Russia Today). Yes, the people of Scotland must rely on a foreign broadcaster to get our news as our own broadcasters work tirelessly against us.

How are the people of Scotland to make an informed choice when the mainstream media continue to undermine and side line our democratically elected First Minister and our democratically elected MSPs.

What was presented to the people of Scotland was a few edited seconds which did not please those who had watched the speech by both Nicola Sturgeon and Mike Russell, yes, he was there also. To a roomful of hacks, the First Minister set out her plans for Scotland should we be dragged out of the European Union against our will. She explained her decision to wait until the Brexit plan was known and that she would only decide on Scotland’s constitutional future then.

By the response in the room by so called journalists seemed very hostile indeed, but what is new in that department. Scotland’s First Minister, her MP’s, MSP’s and Councillors are all treated as if they have some sort of plague by these fraudsters. Not one, expecting perhaps the National, have any integrity whatsoever. They are paid by their masters to undermine all that is good in Scotland, their soul job is to make sure the people feel inferior and will sell Brexit to the public as if it is the best thing since slice bread.

These hacks have no interest in Scotland whatsoever, they would sooner see it destroyed to appease Westminster and their media baron bosses. They really have no place in this country. Why should the people of Scotland put up with this? There are many who have taken a stand against the BBC licence tax, and no wonder. Why should people pay for something that does not reflect their views. From an un-bias media who time and time again prove just how bias they are every time they opened their damn mouths.

Scotland has been side-lined, Scotland’s democratically elected government have been side-lined. The British Broadcasting Corporation should be renamed the CBC. Conservative Broadcasting Corporation. And let us not forget Scottish Television’s role in this. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves as their coverage is no better, perhaps that is why they have seen a major dip in their viewing figures. There is only so many times the mainstream media can put out the same old tired rhetoric, of Scotland being too wee, too poor, and too stupid. The people have woken up; even those avid elderly viewers are starting to see through the nonsense. It is an insult to the intelligence when the blatant bias is on show for all to see, when hacks attack our democratically elected politicians, when they are shut out of debates, ridiculed and humiliated whilst being interviewed.

Next time I hope the First Minister does not bother to invite them, perhaps Broadcasting Scotland, Independence live, and Phantom Power would do a better job. Might be online, but social media seems to be taken over the mainstream these days.