Good old Aunty Beeb, once the stalwart of British Broadcasting has now sunk to the depths of stupidity. How the Newsnight  production team ever thought they could get away with planting a Reverent, or Minister, or whatever character she was playing this time around onto the panel  to give her informed opinion of Brexit is beyond the realms of most people, if they did this without checking the credentials of this individual then that is a serious misjudgement on their part, however, if they tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the public,that is downright disgusting.

Perhaps good ole Aunty Beeb thought they could get away with it because they have been getting away with it for years and years. Putting plants into their audience to blend in seemed to have been the norm. However, with the birth of social media, and a media savvy population this can no longer be the case. Good ole Aunty Beeb have been caught out tirelessly allowing those who share their views, or the views of the British Government a platform to air said views unchallenged, while stifling the views of the opposing side.

Even in their interviewing technique, those they agree with, i.e. Ruth Davidson are promoted, she and her 13 Tory MP’s who were elected to parliament were given full coverage and painted as some kind of comeback for the Tories in Scotland, to the detriment of the SNP. This was a falsehood, the SNP may have lost seats, but they still won the general election. For the BBC to promote a minority party such as the Tories in Scotland as having won was not honest and fair reporting, that said, when has Aunty Beeb every given honest and fair reporting, on anything?

It has been clear to the people of Scotland that good ole Aunty Beeb is the kind of Aunt you tolerate at Christmas, whose opinions are rammed down your throat while appearing to hear both sides of the argument. Aunty Beeb have an agenda, they are the STATE BROADCASTER, they always have been and they always will be. They claim to be impartial but are no such thing. That is just a nice clause in their charter which should be removed forthwith.

Now it would seem the rest of the United Kingdom have awoken to the trickery of good ole Aunty Beeb, perhaps they will no longer get away with trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.