There must have been some sort of Tory exercise this weekend, to see who could donate the most food to their nearest foodbank, in this case Trussell Trust and Fair Share. Twitter was full of images and tweets of Ross Thomson, Kristine Hair and Dominic Raab who seemed to have visited their local Tesco to buy food, nothing wrong with that, however, it was where it was going I had a problem with.

Hair tweeted:

Today I visited @Tesco Forfar to drop off food donation and meet the Angus Foodbank team Tesco are working with the @TrussellTrust and @fairshareuk to help those who find themselves in need, and you can help by donating long-life food at your local store to.

Thomson Tweeted:

Today I visited @Tesco Wellington Road to meet volunteers for @TrussellTrust and @Fairshareuk. I was pleased to make a donation to the local food bank to help those who are vulnerable and in need.

Let us keep an eye on Thomson and Hair to make sure these two Tory MP’s do not claim the money for their donations back on their expenses. Nothing would surprise me. It makes you wonder just why now, why right this very minute and why so public? The most galling thing for me was the smiling face of Thomson, dressed in his expensive looking coat grinning as he handed over a bag of food for those his party had shafted and have been shafting ever since the crash of 2008. The poor, the disabled,  those who are most vulnerable and elderly really have paid the price for the banking crash. And they are still paying now.

The Trussell Trust were delighted, mind you, they are always delighted, although I think they had bitten off more than they could chew yon day when they were happy to have Fluffy Mundell open one. They weren’t so happy to watch the cretin being chased out of town by the angry residents, those with more empathy for their fellow human beings in their little fingers than Mundell had in the whole of his body. To see Tories grinning like Cheshire Cats is really something that would release the bile from the pit of anyone’s tummy, excepting maybe Tory voters who have something in-humane about them.

The Trussell Trust tweeted:

We’re loving seeing all the kind donations for foodbanks & Fairshareuk at Tesco food collection. Last year you donated 850 tonnes of food, supporting thousands of people all over the UK. Don’t forget Tesco top up 20%

What do they mean Tesco top up 20%, twenty percent of all that is collected? I really should go and research it but I have no time this morning therefore I can only assume that’s what Trussell mean.

The sense of irony shown by Tory MP’s like Thomson and Hair is something to behold. Do they not realise it is their policies that are pushing people into poverty? They not realise that people are having to use foodbanks because their wages do not cover the basic needs for survival? There is something quick sickening about Tories running around buying food and posing for a photo-op. Saying quite simply, “Look at me I care.” No, you do not care, if you did there would be no need for foodbanks. If people in this country and in the rest of the United Kingdom had a decent wage, there would be no need for foodbanks. If the Tory party and their enablers in the Labour Party and indeed the civil service stopped their attack on the working poor and indeed the poor and gave the wage they themselves receive then there would be absolutely no need for foodbanks in this and indeed the rest of the countries of the UK, to tar everyone who is unemployed with the same brush, to ‘other’ them just because they do not have a job and cannot survive on what little benefit they receive because the Tories have put a cap on the welfare State, or are thrown into rent arrears because Universal Credit has been designed as if it is a job and therefore you have to await your first payment, five weeks now, it used to be six. Universal Credit is going to have more and more people at foodbanks. Especially as it is still being rolled out all over the damn place.  Perhaps the real reason for the Tory PR stunt.