Strong and Stable

Strong and Stable, that is what the people of the United Kingdom were told when May decided to have another General Election. She wished for a Strong and Stable Government. Well how is that strong and stable government looking now? From the off, May has tried to steamroll things through parliament, often times without the consent of parliament. She wanted the final withdrawal settlement to be pushed through parliament without those (democratically) elected politicians to scrutinise, let alone have a final say. Perhaps May knew the outcome of permitting a vote before negotiations had concluded.

This deal, if you can even call it a deal works for no one, expect, perhaps the European Union, who can now hold the United Kingdom in a Union that England and Wales voted to leave. This is the deal, take it or leave it. They are not going to accommodate more uncertainty for the existing member states. And why should they, the United Kingdom are the ones leaving. The only other alternative, is a no deal Brexit, that is indeed if that is still an option. Or the UK could just stay in the European Union as Article 50 can be revoked. Where would that leave democracy? There was a vote, England and Wales voted to leave, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. Seems a solution has been found for those parts of the UK who wish to stay within Europe; all except Scotland.

Scotland is not seen as a country by those in Westminster, it has been merged into England and Wales to become Britain. Even the map on Victoria Derbyshire (Monday) showed the main part of the United Kingdom as being British, draped in the union flag. What was more interesting however, was that Ireland seemed to have been reunified.

Scotland’s identity has come under a sustained attack, even more so than usual, with BBC map, union flags all over our produce, and the mere fact that we have been side lined and ignored. That is what happens when you do not stand up for yourself. That is the result of Scots not taking the bull by the horns in 2014. Scotland gave Westminster another change and they have thrown it back in our faces; in the most public of ways. Our politicians are shouted down, laughed at, and ridiculed. Mundell, even stated that we were not partners in the United Kingdom, we are part of the United Kingdom. Therefore, all talk of remaining within our family of nations was a downright lie. All talk of us leading the UK were lies. To secure a no vote.

Now look where we are. Tied to a government who are systematically torturing those who cannot stand up for themselves. They have made the from for PIP assessment so difficult those who are entitled give up. Government enablers, constantly hounding those actively seeking work by making demands that they should search for work 35 hours a week. The result of which is bombarding employers with CVs and applications for jobs they are not suitable for. And if you think this government are going to change Universal Credit, you can thing again. It is doing what it was designed to do. It is a weapon, and an effective weapon at that.

Strong and Stable, yes in some respects this Westminster government are strong and stable, it is strong and stable in its reserve to punish the poor for the mistakes of the rich. Effectively stealing what rightfully belongs to those who find themselves in a time of need. Who have paid into the system for years and are only taking out what they put in. Yes, the government’s resolve to inflict the most pain possible to make themselves feel better is most certainly strong and stable. Almost to the point of being sadistic.

This government are also Strong and Stable when it comes to immigration, quietly deporting people who have made the United Kingdom their home. Who were invited to the UK to help rebuild after the Second World War. Who have outlived their usefulness. Yes, strong and stable and sadistic. Their cruelty knows no bounds, guilty of heinous human rights abuses. Their use of austerity to bring the UK’s working population to its knees, and death to countless others while the rich feed off their still warm carcass.

Exiting the European Union will be disastrous for Scotland, that is what we are being told. And it will be, however, remaining in a toxic Westminster union when the partner is abusing the most vulnerable, beating workers into submission, and threatening to take their human rights away all together. It is time to go. Regardless of the reason. The Scottish National Party has a mandate, they had better use it, and quick for they may find the people of Scotland have very little patience left for Westminster and indeed them. Use the mandate given to you by the people in 2016. Which states “If there is a material change, such as Scotland being dragged out of the European Union against the will of the Scottish people…”

Scotland stands at a crossroads, do we take our future in our hands, or do we let those with ill intent towards our people continue their systematic abuse of the most vulnerable. If that is what they are getting away with now, just think what these psychopaths will do once they have taken our human rights, workers, rights and indeed our very right to life.

Strong and stable, perhaps not when it comes to Brexit, but they are most certainly strong and stable when it comes to destroying the lives of those they hate.



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