Oh what a circus…

“Oh, what a circus, oh what a show…” lyrics from the musical Evita. Well Mrs May is no Evita but what a circus she has created on the world stage. The audience now gaping, not in wonderment but in horror as the once mighty Rule Britannia crashes against the waves; never mind the iceberg that is Brexit.

You can imagine the surprise as I ventured home after a long, long day on Monday, intent to continue writing my three-part drama (The Clearing) as images of Parliament flashed over my television screen. Twitter alight with condemnation of what had just happened. Yes, after the whirlwind of the past few weeks, as Mrs May jetted around the United Kingdom trying to sell her deal to, well the already converted. And her puppets rushed to TV studios to assure everyone that the meaningful vote would go ahead on Tuesday. Mrs May appeared in the chamber to dictate to the house that she was in charge and there would be no meaningful vote.

Yet, is this not what she had planned all alone? It was her way, or no way. That is not the actions of a Prime Minister of a democratic parliament. This is the actions of a dictator. Mrs May is acting like a dictator and this is a very dangerous concept if allowed to continue. Last week Mrs May’s Government were found to be in contempt of the house; yet it was business as usual, there was no consequence, no redress, no punishment. Yes, there were soundbites on the state-run media channels but other than that, nothing.

Now we have Mrs May facing a vote of no confidence by Labour and the Scottish National Party etc. And the 1922 committee have the required letters needed to oust her. Now the question is, will she go quietly, i.e. resign or will she have to be ousted? Either way my diary will be cleared from 6pm-8pm. The Ross girls will just have to wait a while before the big massacre starts. Yes, I should be writing, but have cleared the way for the showdown with Mrs May, that is if she turns up of course.

This has been a shit-show from start to finish. Mrs May fired the shot on Monday then left. Never has anyone left parliament this quickly after taking questions on why she pulled the meaningful vote. She must have been saying something like “I’m the Prime Minister, get me out of here.” As she hurried past the speaker. Then she was off on a jolly around Europe in the pretence of having extra talks. I would not be surprised if they invited her to hideout at their place for a while until the storm blew over. As mentioned in the opening sentence, “Oh what a circus, oh what a show…” this week certainly has been a circus and a show that is enough to put the Hugh Jackman’s ‘Greatest Showman’ to shame. Only time will tell if Mrs May goes of her own volition but something tells me she will not.