I don’t know about anyone else, but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the First Minister of Scotland’s determination to call a second EU referendum. It is almost as if she has done a deal with the European Union to do all in her power to keep the UK as a member state.

Scotland is now in danger of being dragged out of the European Union against our will, surely the First Minister should be concentrating on Scotland and not the rest of the UK. My frustration has now turned to anger as the last defence against this Tory Government was kicked to the curb. The Continuity Bill was designed to defend the people of Scotland and our Parliament against the punitive Tory polices that have so many of our fellow citizens under the austerity jackboot. With the judgement released just days ago we can now see that we are in fact, defenceless.

Enough is enough First Minister, the people of Scotland will never forgive you or your party if you allow this country to be decimated at the hands of the Tories again. Please put the people of this country first. I am sick and tired of hearing about a second EU referendum. If you put as much effort into preparations for a second referendum on independence as you do another EU referendum we’d be miles in front by now.

Name the day, time is running out!