The State Must Win!

It is all playing out nicely in Westminster, the countdown is well and truly underway. Brexit deal will not go through parliament until well after Christmas and New Year. Anyone would think the Tories are content on having a no deal Brexit. Fine, fair enough, let us do that. It is not as if the aftermath will have a direct effect on them. No, it will be ordinary citizens of the UK who will bear the brunt as is usual. While Rich MP’s feast on their Turkey and congratulate themselves on what an absolute killing is coming their way, a lot of citizens in the UK will be feasting on whatever the foodbank picked for them. While rich, over privileged children are waking up to the most expensive gifts, there are many, many children in the UK who will wake up to a solitary toy, given to them by the generosity of others.

Broken Britain, Britain was never fixed, the broken part was just pushed under the carpet and kept their until it felt comfortable to rear its ugly head. The citizens of the United Kingdom have been kept in servitude working for their Tory masters who make sure they there is no possibility to rise above their station. The last time the gap between rich and poor widened was during the Thatcher years where the rich got richer and the poor poorer. Back then the Labour Party seemed to be the Party of Keir Hardie. Then again, that was before Blair and his NEW LABOUR. New Labour, nothing like old Labour, New Labour, the party that are going to be harder on welfare than the Tories. New Labour, the party that abstains on Tory legislation. New Labour that are too busy trying to oust their socialist leader. New Labour, who are the Tories under a different name.

The farce that is Westminster has nothing whatsoever to do with the citizens of the United Kingdom, the farce that is the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly are there to cajole citizens into thinking they have a say in what happens. Citizens most certainly do not have a say in what happens. They are thrown a bone every five year, duped into believing it is their democratic right to vote. It is, however, those whom they cast their vote for are the stooges of whichever party they stand for. Stooges who will do as they are told. Whipped into submission by their peers to vote a certain way, often against the interests of the citizens to whom they profess to represent. There is no democracy, just a pretence of one.

Citizens do whatever they are dictated to do, pay your taxes, you must pay your TV licence, you must separate your rubbish into the umpteen bins we have provided you and woe betide you if you do not. The pretence of politicians working for us is just that, pretence.

England and Wales voted to leave the European Union, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. It does not matter a jot to these over privileged psychopaths. They intend to take this as a get-even-richer-quick scheme and screw the population. While they rub their hands with glee at all they have achieved, the brutality that is Britain will be deployed onto the streets to curtail any uprising, just as they have for centuries. Troops on our streets will be there, not to hand out medicine, not to distribute food, but to annihilate any citizen who chooses to fight against the state because the state always must win.