Merry Christmas, everyone…

While the psychotic elite are tucking into their turkey and stuffing, there will be people dying on the streets. There will be elderly, too scared to put on their heating. There will be young parents on low wages sobbing because they cannot give their children what they want for Christmas. The media will forget the role they played in manipulating the population into thinking people on benefits are scroungers.

The psychotic politicians shout about division, yes there is division, there is the rich and poor divide. A class war and the rich are winning. While the poor strive to put food on the table, these rich bastards will click their glasses together, smile and say, “jolly good meal old girl.”

This is Britain in the 21st century, however, it could just as well be Britain in the nineteenth century where another old relic was on the throne. Time for change, time to take our own destiny in our own hands. We must help ourselves before we can help everyone else. We need to go, and we need to go now.

Merry Christmas, everyone.