I am calm…I am calm…

I have never felt this rested and able to tackle whatever is coming our way in 2019. Christmas was spent with my sister and her family. A Christmas I enjoyed, then it was back home to the cat and back to work. Now I am getting ready for the New Year celebrations to begin.

What will 2019 bring? Independence? I bloody well hope so. Yet, like many, I am becoming more and more concerned by the lack of clarity from the SNP. Yet do we really need them? Independence is not something you are given. Westminster is not going to say, “Okay, here’s your independence, now off you go.” We’ve already had a tweet from Ms ‘I don’t believe in the sovereignty of the Scottish Parliament, yes, Annie’s already chomping at the bit to tell the SNP to stop banging on about independence. We’ve had the Scottish Tories telling us, people don’t want another referendum. They must be bricking it, and with good reason. People I know are getting twitchy. The nearer to Brexit we get the more nervous they become. It is only a matter of time.

Before my Christmas break I was one of those shouting at the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon to do something, anything. I kept going over that scene in the titanic where someone shouts ‘save yourselves’ we must start getting into the lifeboats soon, or we will go down with the ship. Or cling to the wreckage and hope to be rescued.

I had a look back to when Cameron called the EU referendum. It was February, four months preparation. If Nicola called it upon her return that would be May, two months after we are dragged out f the EU. I cannot see it being any sooner, those lifeboats have well and truly gone. May or June, any later and we may as well hand Scotland to the Tories. And I dread to think  what damage will be done, just look at the state they have England in.

Have a great New Year, big thank you to everyone who took the time to read the blog. It had been getting more and more traffic lately.