Onward and Upward…let’s do this!

Two days into 2019 and I am already chomping at the bit to get out there and campaign, (to be fair, I don’t think I ever did stop campaigning). This is our year, I know it, you know it and most importantly, the unionist media and politicians know it. Why else would they be pooping their pants?

That said, I did observe that those on social media did not seem as excited at the prospect of independence as was experienced last year. Perhaps we were all just celebrating early and had, had far too many fizzy pops by the first stroke of 2019. My prediction as stated previously has not changed, I still believe that the First Minister will announce a date for the referendum later this month. After all avenues of keeping the United Kingdom in he European Union are exhausted; only then can she address the situation of shielding Scotland from the chaos that is Brexit. I still believe that we will be going to the polls May or June this year. I would have preferred sooner but it is what it is.

Either way Scotland must free itself from the clutches of Westminster. The Tories have England in an absolute mess, yet the English seem to let them destroy their lives, lock, stock and barrel, or perhaps they are just out voted by the self-serving morons in that country. Perhaps the decent people of England just cannot catch a break. Either way, we Scots must end this union, if only to save ourselves.

Time to come together, time to put the pettiness of the last years behind us, it is going to take the expertise of everyone in the yes movement, we are a talented bunch, let’s put our talent to good use and let’s aim it where it should be aimed. The unionist, and the parcel of rouges in a nation, no more Mr and Mrs nice, time to tell it as it is. Time to let our fellow citizens have it. Time to spell out exactly what it means to be tied to Westminster.

Onward and upward, time for action, time to be free.