The pretence that Britain still has an empire…

We are in the last days of being a member state of the European Union and it looks very much like we are to have a hard Brexit given the rumour that Theresa May is likely to postpone the meaningful vote for a second time. Which means, she is either, trying to back the EU into a corner where they give into her and get back around the negotiating table or leave the European Union without a deal. Either way, it will be a Tory win because the Tories always win. The UK will go to hell in a handcart, people will lose their jobs, businesses will close, and big business will move. None of which will touch the Tories or their enablers in the Labour Party.

Scotland has one last chance to free itself from the clutches of unscrupulous entitled people. Who are aided and abetted by those parcel o rogues in a nation. These past few years have been hard, frustrating, and confusing at times. The, will she won’t she brigade, chomping at the bit for a date, and, yes, I include myself in this. Either way the union has ended, it ended before it had begun. Scotland was stolen from the nation by the original parcel o rogues, a deed that saw the people rioting in the streets. And yes, some may say we entered this union because Scotland was bankrupt. Well that being the case, who bankrupt the country? Yes, the elite in their quest for wealth, as has always been the case. The rich got richer and the poor poorer, even back then. Every time the powerful elite take power people suffer, they fill their bellies with the money people have worked hard for, wage slaves, paying taxes in order that the rich elite live the life the rich elite like to live. And they believe wholeheartedly that this is their birthright because they have been born into entitled rich families who think they were born to rule.

They rule because we allow them to rule. Because people are so scared of the consequences, looking downward to what they could become and not upward to what they are not permitted to become. You only have to watch ten minutes of Westminster Parliamentary debate to witness for yourselves how those the elite deem to be beneath them are treated, like something they have scraped from their shoe. Is that really what this union with England should be, should it not be a union of equals. Scotland has never been an equal partner in this union. That was malicious lies spread by the Better Together campaign, to keep us in this so-called union. Mundell confirmed this when, in answer to a question during Scottish Questions he stamped his foot and told the people of Scotland that we were not partners in the UK we were part of the UK. And now it would seem the Secretary of State for Scotland had stuffed his office in Leith full of civil servants. I would like to know where they came from. Were they bussed up from Westminster? Why would Mundell need this many civil servants? The only reason this man would need so many civil servants is if he was planning to take over the running of Scotland when we are dragged out of the European Union. Mark my words, the Scottish Parliament will be closed, and power will be given to this unelected man who will enact whatever his masters in Westminster command of him.

Scotland sits at a crossroads with a freight train hurling towards us getting faster and faster, horn now blasting for us to get out of its path. The question is, will we manage to get to safety, or will we be struck and head off in the direction the train was going at the time of impact? Will we disappear over the edge of that cliff or will we take our leave of this union once and for all? There are those like myself who mistrust the European Union, however right now,  Westminster’s intentions for Scotland are clear. Scotland will be used to keep Westminster and those within in the manner that they like to be kept. fracking licences will be handed out like sweets against the express wishes of the people. Our NHS will be sold to American medical giants who are just chomping at the bit to come in and carve up our healthcare system.

Time to put this union out of its misery, time to put an end to any pretence that Britain still has an empire.