Ten-minute rule bill-very sinister indeed!

Wednesday’s ten-minute rule bill brought by MP for Aldershot Leo Docherty which was sandwiched between the fiasco that was the pointless orders of Tories and the Brexit debate was nothing short of sinister. In his address to the house the ex Scots Guard said:

“We must bring to an end the entanglement of our armed forces in human rights law. We should do this because it is the right thing to do, and we should also do this Mr Speaker because we had promised to do it – it’s on page 41 of our manifesto. And we should do it Mr Speaker because we need to be honest with our constituents and our society about the role of our armed forces, and the fact that they need to fight on our behalf.”

“Our armed forces need to know they can deploy and fight on our behalf while adhering to the Geneva conventions and the Law of Armed Conflict. They need to know they can deploy and fight on our behalf and will not face spurious legal accusations years and decades after the event. And our armed forces need to know Mr Speaker that they can deploy and fight on our behalf with full confidence or our government and our society allowing them to serve in good faith with pride for the safety of our people, and for the defence of our nation.”

This is very worrying indeed, as mentioned in a tweet by Rory Steel:

“A Tory Ten Minute Rule Bill to allow members of the armed forces to be immune from human rights charges is one of the most sickening and foreshadowing policies I’ve ever heard of. Accountability of armed forces is already hard enough this would make it almost impossible.”

The fact that this has come now is testament to the British State trying to save their own. Particularly as the atrocities caused by the military in Northern Ireland have come to light.

If this policy passes, and the military are deployed onto the streets to keep order there is no telling where it will lead. A military, taking its orders from a government so out of control and ignoring parliament will happily open fire on the people whom the government deem to be a threat to them. With Brexit just, weeks away and a policy whereby the military can be deployed onto the streets at any given time with the pretence of keeping order. Citizens exercising their right to protest will have absolutely no protection and will in fact be living under martial law.

A sinister government with sinister intentions. Let’s get out while we can.