Next week is going to be frustratingly interesting!

This coming Tuesday will be the big day. The day May’s Brexit deal goes through parliament. How many people believe this is going to happen? Put your hand up if you think May is going to pull the vote for a second time? If she pulls this vote again expect there to be fireworks in parliament or could that even be one almighty explosion. Yet this is the kind of action she is known for. The government have been found in contempt of parliament and walked away scotfree. They have undermined parliamentary debate, gerrymandered all over the place, put pointless points of order with the main aim of running down the clock on the Brexit debate. Therefore, why would they start to adhere to parliamentary procedure now?

What is most pressing at this time is that this government are so out of control it is frightening, and given they have allies in opposition who have sat back and let them be is astounding, yet are we really surprised? And Scotland are still caught in the riptide of this whole sorry mess. There has to be a time when the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has to hold her hands up and say, I have done all I can, I cannot possibly do anymore. I must go to the people of Scotland and give them a choice. Brexit with the rest of the United Kingdom, or independence.

The time for that is now, by the end of this week, we cannot possibly hang on any longer, the lifeboat must be lowered, and the First Minister must address the people of Scotland. Whether May’s deal is rejected, whether Corbyn calls for a vote of no confidence, whether there will be another General Election. Scotland must take her leave of the United Kingdom and become an independent country. The question, should Scotland be an independent country…yes or no?

The arguments put forward by better together have proven once and for all that we are not and never have been better together. There must be a choice, Brexit or independence, Westminster does not speak for Scotland, Scotland speaks for Scotland, her people sent down several MP’s and to paraphrase Winnie Ewing, they are there to settle up, not settle in. No more trying to keep the whole of the UK in the EU. The Scottish Tories, Labour and Lib Dems have proven time and time again that they are Westminster’s representatives in Scotland who must be given their marching orders soon. Of those thirteen Tories send from Scotland, all thirteen of them intend to vote for a deal that most of Scotland rejected. Thus, completely ignoring their constituents, Tuesday is crunch day, the vote will either go through and be rejected, or it will be pulled. Either way, time for Scotland to walk away. Next week is going to be frustratingly interesting, for everyone.