69% feel independence for Scotland is more likely…

Sixty-nine percent of people polled in Scotland by Right to Vote, (a new group which are campaigning for a second referendum on European status) carried out a survey on the likelihood of Scottish independence in the face of Brexit the results of which has every unionist politician and media pundit even more on edge than they usually are. For months and months, the Conservative and Unionist Party, The Labour Party in Scotland and the Liberal Democrats have been informing the people of this country that there is no appetite in Scotland for another referendum and that Nicola Sturgeon should take the threat of another referendum off the table. Only today, Jackson Carlaw harped on about it. However, the results show the tide is turning and has been turning ever since the result of the referendum on European membership.

Unionist politicians seem to be tying themselves in knots informing us of what we want and what we can have. They are so far in their bubble that they have no idea what is really going on here in Scotland, they have no idea just how angry we are. Especially as the promises and vows made to keep us in the union with England have been well and truly trashed. They have no idea how angry the public are at hearing our country rubbished by media daily. They have no idea the damage they are doing and have been doing since September 19th, 2014 when David Cameron walked out of number 10 and made it all about English Votes for English Laws.

Those who saw the vow collapse beneath their feet slowly shifted towards an independent Scotland. And no wonder, no one likes being lied to, and voters who believed the vow would be delivered saw their vote used to deliver nothing at all. And the biggest culprits in this? The Labour Party, yes, the very party Scotland had, had faith in all those years. And when the public finally turned their back. Labour picked their moment to punish the people for turning against them. Labour to this day still believe they have the god given right to govern Scotland and cannot stand the fact that when the people fought back, their bite was sore as they delivered a blow to Labour in the Holyrood elections that saw them relegated to third place; not even the opposition in Scotland but a third-rate party.

If there is one thing the people of Scotland hate more, it is being taken for a mug, therefore we are watching the SNP very closely indeed. For now, they are safe because there is no other party that can do the job they are doing in the Scottish Parliament, but they should never become complacent.

More and more people are switching from no to yes, polling is showing a steady rise in the yes vote. Personally, I feel we must be almost at the 60% mark and if the cries of unionist media and politicians are anything to go by, I may well be correct. Especially as they seem to be in meltdown mode, almost shouting at the public that we do not want another referendum. Like many I am chomping at the bit for the starting pistol to be fired, that said, I do not want it fired too soon and have a false start. I know I criticised the First Minister last week but that was out of pure frustration. I do however feel a date will be announced soon. When we are past the point of no return where Brexit is concerned. Once there is no going back for May and we are heading over the edge. That is when our First Minister will apply the brakes and stop the bus allowing us to step off, or will that be sprint off?

I am a little more hopeful than I was last week. The noise coming from the Scottish National Party is favourable and heading in the right direction. The noise coming from within the unionist press and those Westminster parties sitting in our Scottish Parliament are becoming more and more desperate. They know a date is coming and they know they cannot stop it once it is announced. Hold firm everyone, we are now on the starting line, we are just awaiting that shot. Talk to your family, friends, neighbours etc. Oh, and dig out your walking boots, heavy coats, hats, scarves and gloves. I think we’ll be out and about a little more frequently than we are just now. Independence for Scotland is coming of that I am sure.