We will be having another referendum, and we won’t be asking anyone’s permission…

I have decided that I will have one day a week where I remove myself from all forms of social media, for my own sanity if anything else. Seems the unionist media and politicians have taken the decision to step up their anti-independence campaign. Independence is perfectly okay for everyone else just not Scotland. Last night I had a blissful evening, no unionist politicians telling us there was no appetite for another referendum, no presenter of news calling me a separatist, or fundamentalist or, oh wait, I forgot the other names we were all called. It couldn’t have been that important. What a lovely evening I spent last night. However, I got back online this morning to discover the unionist media and politicians in meltdown and wondered why. What could possibly have happened to warrant such a show?

The answer seems to have come during Prime Minister’s none answerable questions. Yes Stephen Kerr, Member of the Conservative and Unionist Party stood up in parliament and insisted that the Prime Minister block another referendum. There you have it folks, this man does not want the people of Scotland to have a say in our own future, he would rather his colleagues in England have a say on whether we can vote in another referendum. Why is that? Why is Mr Kerr and his colleagues so hellbent on stopping something that they have told us there is no appetite for? If there is no appetite for it, then why are they so worried?

Perhaps Mr Kerr knows full well that there is an appetite in Scotland for another referendum on independence, perhaps he knows that there is a good chance the result will not go the way of the British State. Why else would a man who has made his home in Scotland go crawling to the Prime Minister to prevent the people of Scotland having a right to choose which path we take, the path to independence, or the path to Brexit and direct Tory rule.

The people of Scotland are sovereign, it is our absolute right to determine the future of our country. It is not the right of one individual and his parcel of rogues in a nation to, once again determine what happens in this country. Therefore, we will be having our referendum, and we will not be asking for anyone’s permission, least of all a bunch of Tories who do not have the country’s interests at heart.


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