Keep the head people for we are on the march…of that I am sure!

If there was ever a time for the yes movement to keep the head, it is now. With the arrest of Alex Salmond on fourteen separate charges and a British media chomping at the bit to splash ever detail over the pages of their newsfeed. The yes movement must not become embroiled in any unpleasantness. We must keep our eyes on the prize and let due process take its course. The man is innocent until proven guilty, the truth will out.

The yes movement is bigger than one man, let the British media do their worse, no one said this was going to be easy, we must be prepared for everything the British State will throw, and be prepared for them to throw it at us. The British State is a wounded animal and when an animal wounded it will come out fighting. Remember we are stronger than the British State because we have the numbers. They may have the media, but the media have been shown up for the propagandists they have always been. Especially in their reporting of Brexit negotiations. They must have thought all their Christmases had come at once this morning as they rushed to report the arrest of Salmond.

While they are preoccupied we can get out there and campaign. I have already been asked what I think of Mr Salmond. My answer. “I shall reserve judgement until I have heard all the facts. I do not go in for trial by media.”

I feel sure an announcement on referendum is imminent, every card has been used, every opportunity gone, while the British State nurse that huge self-inflicted wound let us puff out our chest, pick up our stuff and walk away, this time without a backward glance. Independence is ours, we just have to take it.