He is innocent until proven guilty

“What do you think of Mr Salmond now?”

That was one of the questions I was asked today. My answer. I shall reserve judgement of the man until I know the facts. I will not engage in this trial by media. Anyone accused of a crime is entitled to a fair trial. Where a judgement will be made on actual evidence and not some sort of witch hunt by the British media. To say I am incensed by newspaper headlines screaming at me from within the supermarket stands is an understatement. How can a man, accused of a crime have any sort of fair trial when potential jurors have been exposed to such manipulation by the press?

In addition to this, the press are now trying to tie the movement to Salmond, explaining he is the face of the yes campaign, he is no such thing, however this is not for our benefit, this is for those who still read their trashy headlines and are still being manipulated on a daily basis by those who do not have their best interests at heart. They are there to appease the British State and their media baron masters. Is it any wonder the media in this country is dying?

As I tweeted earlier, there will always be someone in our movement who will pick up the flag and continue the fight. No amount of trying to tie the yes movement to Alex Salmond or the SNP is going to work. The yes movement is bigger and is growing by the day. People are not going to stop supporting independence because someone has been charged with a crime. They are not going to stop because the media are trying to bring down a political party. People support independence for one reason and one reason only. They have faith in their country, they have faith in themselves, and they have faith in those round about them. What they don’t have, is faith in a media, who take their orders from the British State, who are exposed for what they have become. People have no faith in a media who do not provide that fourth wall. They have no faith in a media who have become the cornerstone of the establishment.

While the media concentrate all their efforts on Mr Salmond, while they churn out their headlines and gloat, those of us in the yes movement will do what we have always done. We will get on with the job of winning our independence.

I have my own opinion of what I think of Mr Salmond, he is an innocent man until proven otherwise. There are always two sides of a story and I look forward to hearing both, only then will I form any conclusion.


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