We want the plan and we want it now!

I had forgotten just what a slimy little toad Andrew Marr was, my self-imposed ban of the Marr show on the awful BBC was brought to a short end when I tuned in. Bypassing the likes of Cooper and co (his other guests) I skipped straight to The First Minister’s interview. Looking confident and having no doubt psyched herself up for the Alex Salmond questions, Nicola Sturgeon circumnavigated the subject all together. And no amount of prompting from Marr would have her deviate. And thank god for that, for at one-point Marr, in trying to tease answers as to whether Police Scotland had been in touch Marr interrupted with. “You are able (I think) to tell me whether or not you have spoken to Police Scotland.” You are able I think; in other words, he wasn’t quite sure himself but expected an answer. This is the State Broadcaster trying to tie the First Minister to Salmond. The case is now live therefore everyone must watch what they are saying and here is the State Broadcaster trying to tease information that may prejudice the case. Absolutely outrageous. The First Minister did well to steer the man away from the subject. But only as far as to imply that the Salmond case would have a detrimental effect on the campaign for independence. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what the British Sate would like to see. All their Christmases would come at once if the Yes movement fell apart.

Nicola’s response: No, no, I don’t think it has an impact on the future political and constitutional direction of Scotland. The case for independence is bigger than any one man, it’s bigger than any one woman; it’s not about individual personalities, it’s about what’s best for the country, now and in the longer term…the experience of the last two and a half years around Brexit, we face being taken out of the EU against our will, the views of Scotland have been largely disregarded…”

At the mere mention of Brexit Marr just couldn’t help himself, he was chomping at the bit to make his sarcastic comment: Now you have mentioned the Brexit word. I was wondering when that was going to happen. You’ve been to see the Prime Minister.”

What did Marr think, Nicola wasn’t going to mention Brexit, was she just to sit meekly and agree to everything like other political leaders of the past? Scotland is being dictated to by an out of control Westminster government, effectively we are being told to ‘shut up and listen’ No solution, put forward by the Scottish Government has been taken seriously. What are we waiting for, Nicola has stated time and time again, that she will put forward her plan once the Brexit deal is known. Time is running out, in fact it has run out. We are facing a disaster, not of our choosing. The Scottish Government have done all they can to keep the United Kingdom inside the European Union. Time for the Plan Nicola, we are waiting, we are ready to go. If you do not come up with something your party are in danger of failing the very people who put you in power and you know what an electorate, angered by deception, angered by careerist politicians who put party first are capable of. Labour now sit in the Scottish Parliament in relegated to third place. You are safe, for now, but rest assured, if another independence thinking party comes along. The patriots who wish Scotland to be independent will make the switch.

We want the plan and we want it now!