It is all playing out nicely!

Like many in Scotland who are clued into what has just happened will have gone to bed absolutely fuming. And god knows how those in the Island of Ireland are feeling right now. To know a government, so out of control that it would tear up the Good Friday Agreement to get their Withdrawal Agreement through Westminster have just put the lives of every man woman and child at risk. To have morning papers gloating about it is, quite frankly, disgusting. But are we really surprised at the lengths these cretins will go to? Even before May came to the chamber to deliver her revised plan B; well plan A only with the words changed about, Jean-Claude Junker had been in touch to inform her that the backstop is non-negotiable therefore Theresa May came to the chamber and informed MP’s that she would go back to Brussels to re-negotiate, knowing full well that there was no possibility of the EU changing their mind, therefore she lied to parliament and by the time they reconvened having got the vote through; the EU had reiterated that the backstop was non-negotiable.

It is all playing out very nicely isn’t it? I would not be surprised if this has been orchestrated down to the last weeks of us leaving the EU with no deal at all and the European Union putting remain back on the table, in effect saying, “Look it’s a no deal Brexit, or you forget the whole thing and remain. And a population, so fearful of what is coming down the line that they will agree to anything. Only, the EU will keep their word. Inside the EU with everything intact, unlike the Scottish referendum where the vow was snatched off the table as quickly as it was put on.

We are in the last throws of the dice, we will know the outcome soon. Now Corbyn has agreed to talk to May, all designed to run down the clock. Again, I may be way off the mark here. At least the show is coming to an end, the public have been scared witless. It will be interesting to see how these last few weeks play out, one thing is for sure though, Scotland has no voice in Westminster and therefore should take leave of the place as soon as possible.