What a Spurious Bunch!

Last week I received a message from a gentleman, ex-military who had been bombarded with abuse because he dared voice his opinion on what was being said regarding Alex Salmond. As news broke last week of Mr. Salmond’s arrest those in a closed military facebook group of which Mr. Deckard is a member took to social media to have a ‘jolly good laugh’ however, what was posted Mr  Deckhard took umbrage to. On the whole the group are pleasant, however there is an element within this group that thinks it’s perfectly okay to post offensive memes as Mr Deckhard explains:

“This is a closed group for ex members of the Armed Forces, and on the whole it’s a pretty good group of people. However, there is an element within this that I have come across that thinks it’s acceptable to post racist, homophobic and anti-Scottish memes. Most of them just wash over me, like background noise but a picture was posted of Jimmy Savile with Alex Salmond’s face, and a picture of Nicola protesting that he never touched her dick.”

I am not surprised Mr Deckhard, Scots born, pro EU and member of the Scottish National Party found this disgusting, not to mention disturbing. He went on:

“I said something (I can’t help it) only to be bombarded with two members, with abuse and more anti-Scottish twartery and then banned by the administrators because I dared to speak up to confront such a disturbing picture that pisses all over the kids that Jimmy Savile abused, to link to a man who has not been found guilty of anything to child abuse is beyond low. It’s disturbing. That is the kind of people who are out there folks, but we all know that.”

We do indeed and not just confine to ex-military, or those who are serving, there are bigots, homophobes and racists everywhere, Mr Deckhard continues:

“There was no condemnation when I pointed out that a Tory MP was allowed to vote on whether or not Mrs May was allowed to keep her job as he was himself facing allegations of sexual misconduct. No condemnation of that MP, no calls for him to be locked up and denied bail as they suggested Alex Salmond should have suffered, even calls of actual murder and violence against MPs who they don’t agree with. These people are ex-military, some of them I have I suspect are still serving in some capacity.”

And the Conservative Government are talking about deploying these lovely people onto our streets, some of which hate us, what is most disturbing about this is the fact that these people think it is perfectly all right to use slander, to insinuate that Alex Salmond is a paedophile, or that he molested Nicola Sturgeon. They believe they are untouchable because they are in the military. And they will soon be immune to prosecution of any human rights abuses if Tory MP Leo Docherty has his way.

There is a quotation from Evelyn Beatrice Hall I live by, “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death your right to say it.” We have freedom of speech in this country, what we do not have is freedom to defame someone, to make false allegations, posting memes on social media posting someone’s head on the body of a well-known paedophile is deformation of character and those participating in such a heinous practice should remember that this kind of behaviour could land THEM in a court of law.



Theweedetour would like to thank Mr Deckhard for getting in touch, if anyone else has a story, they would like published please feel free to get in touch.

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