What are you waiting for?

It has taken me some time to calm down after Tuesdays farce. What must the world think? What must those countries the Westminster government plan to do business with once we leave the European Union think? Each time I think it cannot possibly get any worse I am proven wrong. We are leaving the European Union and you (Scotland) are coming along whether you like it or not. All of Westminster’s representatives in Scotland voted against the wishes of those they profess to represent.

A parcel of rogues in a nation.

My anger subsided a little, dare I watch the farce that is Prime Minister’s Questions? To be honest, I had forgotten it was on, however I needn’t have bothered it was just more of the same. Tory MP’s telling the Prime Minister how great she was and how she should go to the EU and demand a deal. Yes, that is how arrogant they are. And once again they brayed like the cattle they are as soon as the leader of the third largest party Ian Blackford got to his feet, at one point the noise was so loud the Speaker had to intervene. But this is only to be expected now, Scotland are not to be bothered with, this is all about The Tories and what they want. It is not even about England any more.

We have a way out, if I have heard that once, I have heard it a dozen times. It is getting old now, every time an SNP MP, MSP, or Councillor tell me there is a way out my answer is always. What are you waiting for, so much so that every time I read a tweet, lyrics from one of my favourite bands pops into my head and I find myself singing.

“Are you waiting on a lightning strike, are you waiting for a perfect night, are you waiting till the time is right? What are you waiting for?”

What are they waiting for? I am down to my last nerve.

“Don’t you wanna learn to deal with fear, don’t you wanna take the wheel and steer, don’t you wait another minute here, what are you waiting for?”

I wish someone would take the wheel and steer us away. I cannot for the life of me understand what they are waiting for. We are 58 days from Brexit, and no clue what is going to happen. We have a government who are running down the clock and the Scottish government who only seem capable of soundbites. The people of Scotland are close to losing everything we have built up since Thatcher destroyed this country. We have European friends who are in limbo, and we have people who have been here for decades, who have a home and family being deported, right, left and centre. Now I am hearing that pensioners are to be put onto universal credit. Yes, these cretins have a mind to steal from pensioners now. Mind you they have always seen pensions as a benefit.

We need out and we need out now, no more soundbites, no more telling us what Scotland needs, I don’t want to be hearing Nickleback’s What are you waiting for, every time someone from the SNP tweets, even although there is a catchy chorus.

“You gotta go and reach for the top, believe in every dream that you’ve got, you’re only living once so tell me, what are you, what are you waiting for.”

I do love that song, but I’m sick of hearing it every time I read Scotland can do better, there is another way. Please, no more. As one of my lecturers said once, show don’t tell.




  1. I want independence as much as you do, believe me, but we know how sleekit Westminster is and if Nicola goes too early i.e. before the ‘final’ outcome of Brexit is known, then Westminster will pull the rug from under our feet. I’m convinced Brexit would be cancelled if IndyRef2 was announced. They need our revenue more than anything. The EU has said that their cut off date is 14th March and then we are definitely out and that’s when I expect a date to be announced by Nicola. Of course, if the Brexit outcome is known before then that’s a different story.


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