The dangling of carrots isn’t going to wash much longer Nicola!

It seems to me that the First Minister of Scotland is talking to everyone, expect the people of Scotland. Don’t get me wrong I am please Scotland is being put on the map but the First minister is in danger of forgetting the very people she is supposed to represent. We already know how great Scotland is, we already know Nicola would rather the UK remained in the European Union and we already know that she would rather the question of European Union membership was put back to the people. What we in Scotland don’t know, is what she is going to do when we leave the European Union. What contingency plans for Scotland? We are now just 51 days from a catastrophe and we in Scotland have no idea what protection we have against this. The First Minister said, a few weeks ago that she will set out her thoughts on the timing of another independence referendum in a few weeks, how few, is a few weeks, how many weeks are we talking here, three, four, five?

In speaking in the US a few days ago she reiterated this, “once the terms of Brexit have become clearer.” How clear do they have to be Nicola? We are either leaving with a deal or the deal that May brought to the table. The next installment of the saga that is ‘the Prime Minister’s deal’ will come back to the house on February 14th will you address the people of Scotland then or will we have to wait once more. All we are asking for is consideration, you are losing members right, left and centre with your, will she, won’t she attitude. We deserve better from our elected First Minister.

Those I have spoken o are fed up having carrots dangled in front of us, the ‘I’ll make a decision soon has been playing out for months Nicola. We are in danger of crashing out of the EU with no deal and no plan. My only hope is that you and your party have something up your sleeve, and all the carrot dangling, and soundbites lead to something constructive. You are supposed to be the party of independence; it seems that you don’t like to mention it. Many, many people came to your party after the referendum, I know people who have left, I, myself have left for that very reason. I don’t think you are the party of independence any more. Please, prove me wrong Nicola. No more waiting, address the people and address them soon.


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