The New Act of Union!

It would seem the rise of the Scottish National Party, the referendum in 2014 and the election of several prominent independence supporting Scottish MP’s have unsettled those who profess their love for the union. So much so that they have drafted a New Act of Union bill that actually makes interesting reading.

“The Union of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England no longer seems secure. In September 2014 Scotland voted by a clear majority to retain the Union…on 23rd June 2016…the British public voted to leave the European Union. What does this mean for the constitutional settlement?

“Westminster politicians who wish to retain the union have responded in ways which make theme seem to appear reactive to current events…some English are already writing off the union and so far under their breaths, “If that is what the Scots want, good riddance!”

“There are, however, many in all four nations of the United Kingdom who will fight its demise, they do so, not only that were stronger together, but in an increasingly unpredictable and volatile world that would be dangerously weaker.”

We would not be weaker if we were independent, are small countries weaker? No, right now we are a great big target because we are tied to the UK. Westminster making decisions that put our country in danger.

It seems to me that the Constitutional Reform Group know the days of the union are over and have devised a plan to keep all four nations and parts together. Under the euphoria of our electing a number of pro-independence PM’s to Westminster, these cretins were busy plotting and planning how they would keep the union together even if a referendum returned a majority wanted to leave it.  While we cheered our majority of SNP MP’s standing outside Westminster ready to take their seats in 2015, unelected Lords were conjuring up a plan to stop independence in its tracks. While our attention was preoccupied, a Bill was being drawn up that will, in essence, prevent Scotland from ever gaining our independence.

A Bill to –

“Provide a renewed constitutional form for the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to continue to join together to form the United Kingdom; to affirm that the peoples of those nations and parts have chosen, subject to and in accordance with the provisions of this Act, to continue to pool their sovereignty for specified purposes; and to protect social and economic rights for citizens.”

The New Act of Union had its first reading in the House of Lords in October 2018  and is awaiting a second reading. The devil, as they say, is in the detail.



1        Status of United Kingdom

  1. The purpose of the United Kingdom is to provide a strong and effective union
  2.                 between the peoples of the constituent nations and parts.                                            5
  3. The commencement referendum provided for by Part 11 provides anthey have chosen to continue to pool their sovereignty for the purposes
  4. specified in this Act.
  5. opportunity for the peoples of the constituent nations and parts to affirm that
  6. The constituent nations and parts of the United Kingdom are—     10
    1. England,
    2. Scotland,
    3. Wales, and
    4. Northern Ireland.
  1. Each of those remains a constituent nation or part of the United Kingdom 15a referendum held for the purposes of this section.
  2. unless and until a majority of the people of that nation or part vote to leave in
  3. Subsection (6) applies if—I am assuming that if we the people of Scotland choose to reject this New Act of Union our wishes will be adhered to, or will this be a UK wide referendum and if out voted we will just have to like it or lump it?
  4. The next part is very telling indeed, if I have read and understood it right, yes, the people of Scotland can have a referendum on independence but there are conditions attached.
    1. a majority of the people voting in a referendum conducted in accordance with an Act of the Scottish Parliament express a wish for 5 Scotland to cease to be part of the United Kingdom; or

On paper that looks to be fair does it not? Well if I have read this correctly, there are conditions attached.


  1. Where this subsection applies, the Secretary of State must lay before Parliament such proposals to give effect to the wish expressed in the relevant referendum under subsection (5) as may be agreed between Her Majesty’s 15 Government in the United Kingdom and the Government of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (as the case may be).

To put this in layman’s terms, if I am interpreting this properly; the people of Scotland express their wish to leave the  union with the United Kingdom, it is then for the Secretary of State, (I’m thinking that weasel Mundell) to go to the Westminster Parliament and inform them of our wishes, and it is for Westminster and the Scottish Parliament to come to some sort of agreement. (Like that’s going to happen). In essence, what they are saying, yes you can have your referendum, but we will keep you in this union. There is no way on earth Westminster will ever let Scotland go.

 This is an Act designed to keep all four Countries and Parts in this union indefinably, the events of the past few years have the ruling class rattled. We need to get out of this union as soon as we possibly can.

I shall upload the Bill for everyone to have a read and decide for yourselves if my findings ring true. That is how I interpreted it. It is worth a read and I shall be keeping an eye on this.




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