Many people go out and have a pleasant evening…not Tory MP Ross Thomson, Ross goes out and copes a feel!

News broke yesterday of Tory MP Ross Thomson’s alleged behaviour in the strangers’ bar situated within the Houses of Parliament. It is alleged that Thomson, 31 was in the bar ‘sexually touching’ men. Well a few men. Sexually touching is a nice way of saying ‘sexually assaulting’, because at the end of the day, that is what he was doing. Grabbing a man’s genitals in a public toilet (as reported in the Daily Record) without his consent is assault. In addition to this, the MP for Aberdeen South, was alleged to have put his hand down the pants of others.

Onlookers, as reported in the Metro said: “The man had appeared “Blind drunk” in the bar after 10.30pm…” Gosh, he must have been drinking for quite some time before he even reached the Strangers’ bar. “and began “Sexual touching” other drinkers at a venue.”

Thomson was told to stop by the recipient of his abuse, another looked to be visibly shaken and upset. Thomson was then taken outside and ordered to stop, he was told by his peers to stop. He only stopped when police were called to the scene and he was escorted out by them. After talking to the parties involved three men in their 20s and 30s, no formal charges were brought.

It would seem Thomson may have form for this type of behaviour, if a tweet, by his ex-husband Douglas Mathewson is anything to go by, he said: “When your ex-husband is arrested due to groping men in a parliament bar and it makes national news. A good insight in to why we are no longer together.” He then deleted his first tweet. “Removed my first post due to the nature of threats I was getting. All jesting was welcome though…”

Last night both the BBC and the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party were downplaying the incident; one Tory MP telling the Herald: “He has been under a lot of pressure with the workload and Brexit.”

If that is the case god alone knows what the Prime Minister must be getting up to, given the level of stress she is under, or, indeed, the whole of the United Kingdom, we must, all of us, be out there sexually harassing people. We are not, therefore this crass excuse from the Conservative Party will not wash. It could be said that Thomson was a sex pest on Tuesday, sexually assaulting young men trying to enjoy a night out with friends. This cannot be brushed under the carpet. Thomson must be punished for his actions, how is he to learn his actions have consequences if he can get away with this.



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