BBC-QT Viewers Discretion Advised!

Even before BBC’s Question time aired I knew the audience would be stuffed full of SNP-hating unionists. Hailing from just down the road from Motherwell I was hearing tails from those who had applied and failed to get passed vetting. As Motherwell has both SNP MP and MSP in Marion Fellows and Clare Adamson, I knew vetting the Motherwell audience would be strict. The State Broadcaster’s job last night was to skew their core audience into thinking Motherwell and indeed Scotland has had enough of the SNP. As a gloating Murdo Fraser tweeted.

I had Toyed with the idea of watching, gone back and forth but decided to witness for myself just how awful the BBC has become and to be honest; things got so bad last night that for the first time ever I found myself reaching for the mute button on several occasions. We in Scotland got a taste of how bias the BBC were during the independence referendum of 2014 but even that did not seem as bad. It was as if someone had given the instruction to the audience that they could be as unpleasant as they liked.

Chris Few tweeted: “The audience for tonight’s episode of #bbcqt was undoubtedly one of the most biased hand-picked and plant-filled they’ve ever had for a Scottish episode…”

Billy Mitchell BBC qt

He wasn’t wrong, for go to man, Billy Mitchell, ex- Ukip candidate for Coatbridge West was once again seated front and centre; even before the show Mitchell was seen talking to panellists.



Back in November 2017 Mitchell appeared on the show; having appeared previously as dtaylor5633 observed in a tweet: “BBCQT have a knack of inviting the same yoons over and over. Orange, UKip, sectarian bigot. “Orange Jaiket guy back on last night.”

Mr Taylor’s tweet was time stamped as being, 2nd November 2017, and @andygilder’s tweet of 17h November “When yer da is on question time at 10.30 but has to be at a street dance battle in 1980’s LA at 11.” Mr Taylor was undoubtedly referring to what looked to be a shiny orange jacket Mitchell wore on his first appearance. A jacket not seen since the 1980’s.

This is the third or fourth time Mitchell has made it through BBC screening, and gotten to ask his questions. Perhaps it is more a case of this man being the go to guy, the ultra-unionist, who has appeared on the show more times than some of the actual panellists.

The British Broadcasting Corporation is no more than the State Broadcaster, giving their faithful audience a skewed idea of what is happening here in Scotland. The show is not for the faint hearted and should be viewed with caution.

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  1. Stitch up. BBC is a disgrace and to cap it all we must pay for the privilege of watching that tripe. Don’t know if Fiona Bruce was complicit in this farce but her reputation may well go down the pan.


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