If you would like to be in the audience and you are a right-winger you needn’t apply, the saga that is BBC Question Time continued this afternoon. News broke that  ex-Ukip candidate Billy Mitchell did not go through the proper channels; according to many news outlets Mr Mitchell was invited to be in the audience by the show as was stated in The Times Newspaper: “BBC invited me because it lacks right-wing voices.”

He is not wrong, I doubt very much that the BBC found anyone in Motherwell willing to shout at the SNP who have a big following there. Motherwell is a proud town and has a very long memory of what happened to it all those years ago. Finding anyone in that town to applaud Ex-Tory minister Michael Forsyth would have been very difficult indeed. Yet that is just what happened last Thursday when the BBC brought Question Time to town and stuff the audience with right-wingers. It really should have won a BAFFTA for the biggest own goal in the history of own goals. They are not even sneaky about the fact that they stuff their audience full of people who will push their agenda.

Is it any wonder that people in Scotland no longer pay their licence (tax), I won’t call it a fee, I must be one of the very few who do and only because I like to keep an eye on what Aunty Beeb is getting up to? That said, I absolutely refuse to subject myself to the insult that is Reporting Scotland; or could that be assault? I cannot stand to hear the Westminster mouthpieces dragging our country as the kids say, talking down to us and telling us what we should and should not be doing. If there was an investigative journalist among them he or she does a very good impression of Dr David Westin, the invisible scientist portrayed on TV by David McCallum all those years ago.

There isn’t an essence of good quality journalism at BBC Scotland, what we get are a good mix of presenters, good old Jackie Bird, reading the news from the autocue. The only time these individuals spring to life is when there is a genuine SNP-bad story to be had, if not, they just invent one. Anything that may be twisted to make the SNP look bad will be twisted, SNP MSP, MP’s and councillors are door-stepped, and hounded. That is journalism, that is getting the story. However, when good old Aunty turns a blind eye to the antics of other MP’s, and effectively downplays their antics, regardless of the seriousness, for example, the Ross Thomson alleged sexual assault. Then the BBC has a problem. They can no longer claim to be impartial. When they stuff the audience full of specifically invited guests who get to shout at panel members and then use this as a quote on twitter, there is a problem. When countless complaints are not addressed or simply brushed aside the BBC has a problem.

Now there is a new channel, which looks to be stuffedf full of wannabe presenters, all eager to please good old Aunty Beeb. I will tune in, if only to keep an eye on what is happening, what agenda is being pushed and to count the plants in the audience. Let the fun begin.


  1. One can only think that the BBC and their controllers see the new channel as another propaganda tool to try and manipulate us by showering us with their s..t.


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