We need our own publicly owned Broadcaster, answerable to the people!

The BBC have gotten away with treating Scottish viewers shamefully and having complaints dismissed, either by themselves or Ofcom for so long that they thought selecting a right-wing audience, complete with the specially invited loud-mouth SNP-hating Billy Mitchell to the SNP supporting ‘yes’ town of Motherwell. What they did not expect was the people of Scotland to call them out on it. Well done to ‘The National’ who have covered and are still covering this story. Like a dog with a bone our national newspaper has shown what great investigative journalism look like.

The BBC for all intense purposes are the STATE BROADCASTER, pushing forward whatever is on the agenda and for some years now, it has been SNP-BAD, and the awful Reporting Scotland is the biggest culprit. How many times have we seen SNP-Bad the top story, even when there are more pressing stories to be had? How many times has a member of the SNP been interrupted while giving an answer to a loaded question, so much so that their answer does not make sense because they have been interrupted, shouted over and drowned out? Yet the leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party Ruth Davidson, who incidentally does not hold a very good view of the people of Scotland, as seen in a speech she gave some years ago while ingratiating herself to her peers; thieves and vandals is the alleged term she used to describe us all. Davidson is given all the time in the world to get her point across and it is the same with other union supporting MPs and MSPS.

It is not only our democratically elected government BBC have a problem with, it seems to be the country in general. When has it ever been promoted in a positive manner? If BBC Scotland are to be believed the country is falling apart, there is nothing good about living here. Well if their Vox pops are anything to go by. They always find people to talk our country down, or slag off the SNP. Comparing this with my own Vox pops I find plenty of people who talk up Scotland. However, I do find the tweet wearing, lavender smelling, Daily Mail and Telegraph readers, And BBC Reporting Scotland viewers who are brainwashed into thinking it is all doom and gloom, who are surprised when I tell them that the person they admire so much would like to see their bus pass being revoked, or worse, the free prescription they have come to rely on, free because the SNP have kept it that way. And that they are mitigating a lot of the Tory cuts.

The viewing public are bombarded daily with Scotland bad stories, and to be fair it is not only the London run BBC Scotland, it is also the London run STV. They are becoming just as bad. Is it any wonder people in Scotland are refusing to pay their licence fee? Last week for the first time, BBC Question Time did NOT trend in Scotland, well Glasgow. For some time now I have drawn attention to the fact that this programme comes out of the BBC Scotland budget and therefore should reflect more of Scotland, it does not and never has, it travels all over English towns and cities and only occasionally comes to Wales, I don’t think it has ever been in Northern Ireland, if it has, I must have missed that episode and very rarely comes to Scotland, perhaps that is a blessing in disguise. That said, we are paying for this programme, therefore we have a right to tell the BBC to have England fund this as it is England who benefit most from it.

And now we have a shiny new programme from the BBC, tucked away somewhere out of sight, like a child you do not want to hear from. I have not watched it, I wouldn’t know where the hell to start looking but rest assured it will be more of the same propaganda rubbish the BBC are experts at producing. The BBC are finished in Scotland, the people deserve better; from both our big broadcasters. Broadcasting should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament; only then will we be able to kick these London serving morons out of our country and employ good quality investigative journalists who put the country and the people first. What we need is a publicly owned Broadcasting service, answerable to the people, NOT a party.

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