Thirty-Seven Days – What if you are wrong?

We are 37 days away from Brexit and the people of Scotland are still awaiting word from Nicola Sturgeon. She has been saying since January that she will set out her thoughts when we know which Brexit we are having. How much more evidence do we need to know First Minister? I know what we are facing, the wider yes movement knows what we are facing. Christ even the cat knows what we are facing. Seems First Minister, the only one who does not know what we are facing is you. I know you have been busy running around town, well countries promoting Scotland, and thank god for that. But the people of this country really need to know where we stand. I know there is some sort of plan for when we fall over that cliff edge, but it would be nice if you gave us some idea of what contingency plans we need.

The yes movement are ready to go, we have been born ready, it is all one saying, prepare, or telling the media that we will be independent in five years. A lot can happen in five years First Minister, I mean you could be out of a job. Those who put their faith in you, those who lent their vote to your party expect more from you. Not the carrots that are being dangled just to keep us interested enough to keep hanging on. Westminster is falling apart before our very eyes; the Labour Party are imploding. There is disharmony in the Conservative Party; they are at their weakest and yet you seem to be playing a game First Minister. Seems you are content to watch Scotland go over that cliff edge and pick up the pieces. What if you are wrong? What if the Conservative Government call a state of emergency? They are seizing powers right, left and centre. I sincerely hope you have not misjudged the situation. If we go over the cliff edge and our country is sold lock, stalk and barrel to America. Your party will never recover because you will be seen to have put the whole of the United Kingdom before independence for Scotland.

I hope I am wrong, I really do.