The Enemies of Scotland

When news seeped out this week that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was getting ready to ask for a section 30 that would once again be refused, the unionist media seemed to be in absolute glee. They seem to be quite happy to see Scotland remain tied in a Union that most Scots did not sign up to. The fact that unionist media are now rubbishing our own Scottish currency is very telling. The Unionist press have a job to do. And that job is to put down Scotland, her industry, and most importantly her people. I don’t know about anyone else but I for one have had enough, so much so that I put out a tweet inviting them to leave.


Apologies for the language, but sometimes you must tweet what you feel. It does not matter a jot all the great things that Scotland has achieved. We could find a cure for cancer and the unionist media would find fault in it. When our own National broke the news that the SNP were going to put forward a motion at their spring conference that Scotland should have its own currency. STV immediately took to twitter: “Should Scotland have its own currency? Some members of the SNP think so…” This was met by annoyance from the responses, one suggesting that STV were trying to cause division in the SNP where there was none.

For some time now, the London based media have bombarded the people of Scotland with scare stories, the unionist politicians taking to twitter to tell us that independence would be a disaster and were keen for us to believe that ending a 40-year union would be nothing compare to ending a 300-year union. What 300-year union? We have never been in a union, what Scotland has endured since she was sold out by the parcel of rogues has been abuse. Scotland has never been the weaker partner, Scotland has always been stronger. However, when the abusive partner takes your belongings, and your wealth and your keys to keep you tied to them. It is not a union.

Back in 2014 the outside world had no idea what was going on in this so-called. Union. For many the United Kingdom centred around London. They knew Scotland existed, but they knew nothing of our history. To be fair, neither did half of those born and breed here. Our history has been suppressed. Our dead lie on the battlefields such as Culloden. Soon to be overlooked by those who purchase a house as developers move in to erect them. Yes, our history being sold out by our own. Think on that for a moment. If those in power have their way, our history will be condemned to the history books but not those on the school curriculum. In a few years, American fans of the popular novels and TV show Outlander will be told they stand on the what was once the battlefield at Culloden. Now a lovely new housing estate. And there are plans to un-list a listed building at Glencoe, to build a hydro system, the country does not need and indeed, is only being built to service England’s needs. Our Scottish history and land are being eroded as we sit idly by. There are plans afoot to erect the monstrosity that is Flamingo Land on our Loch Lomond. While we sit and do sweet F. A. our land is being sold off, lock, stock and barrel to the highest bidder. Is that really what our ancestors would have wanted?

Our media should be shouting about this, but they are quiet, our government should be shouting about this, but they are quiet. Why is that? Could it be profit before country. We need to get out of this union and we need someone who will put Scotland first. The decimation of Cullodeon is one of the evillest things I have seen in a while. Our brave men fought and died for our freedom. I wonder what they think now as they lie under a great big house. Some will say, ‘oh it’s not actually on the battlefield, it may not now, but rest assured it will. The developers have been allowed to get away with this. Rest assured they will purchase more, and more land to build more and more homes. All grinning wildly as they look at the 30 pieces of silver in the palms of their hand.

Scotland needs her freedom, this is not and never has been a union, now the outside world can see the abuse. However, they can also see the abuse happening from within. Greed, is greed, traitors are traitors. Scotland is my country and I am heartbroken to see it given away to the highest bidder. Shame on those who bought it, and shame on those who let it happen.

Rest in peace all those who lie on the battlefield at Cullodeon. For I fear your peace is about to be shattered.