Wake me up when the First Minister lays out her plan!

It had been weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks since the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said she would lay before us, her plan. Now, I am not quite sure if she meant her plan for Brexit for another peoples vote or another referendum on independence for Scotland. We are 23 days from exiting the European Union and we still have no idea what the plan for Scotland is. We had a wee show in the Scottish Parliament yesterday where the members of parliament had a wee pretend vote to rule out a no deal.


Wow, what exactly will that solve?

With Brexit mere days away and a Prime Minister who is clearly determined to put her deal or no deal on the table and an opposition who, quite frankly have dithered about, and an SNP determined to keep the whole of the United Kingdom in the European Union regardless of what the people of Scotland put them in power for.


Politicians are NOT listening to the people!

Now it would seem that the independence movement have been tossed aside in favour of what the SNP really want, a peoples’ vote. I thought the Scottish National Party were the party of independence? It would seem, to me at least, that they have put independence for Scotland on the backburner and are now intent to have a consultation on what the people of Scotland want. How many listening consultations do they need? Everyone I have spoken to are confused, they thought the SNP were the party of independence. News coming from the SNP camp is that the Spring Conference will have independence front and centre. We are well passed that, we should have been well on the way to voting. The campaign should be in full swing. Last year saw tens of thousands on our streets, from the Highlands to the lowlands and yet the SNP were silent. Our First Minister seemed quite happy to lead marches for Pride, and that’s great but she seemed to shy away from joining any march for independence. In fact, only half a dozen SNP MP’s and MSP’s showed up.

What is going on?

We were told constantly that the First Minister would put forward her plans late 2018 and early 2019, once plans for Brexit are known. It will be either, May’s deal or no deal. Therefore, what is Sturgeon waiting for? As someone who was a member of the SNP, as someone who actively campaigned for them, I feel they have let us down badly. I feel carrots are being dangled to keep us interested. I would love to be wrong, but right now, all the signs show that they are not listening to the people, they are listening to the European Union who I am quite sure are pushing for a peoples’ vote, because obviously the people got it wrong first-time round. Yes, that is what they believe.

If we crash out of the European Union and there is no mechanism in place for the people of Scotland to go to the polls again then we may as well hand this country, lock, stalk and barrel to Westminster because they will take every power we have and watch with absolute glee as our parliament, the one we fought tooth and nail for crumble and die a slow death. All while ruling from London. If you think austerity is bad now, wait until there is nothing to shield us from it.

We need out of this union, and we need out as soon as possible, yet there has been no word on a second referendum, what we have been given from our elected representatives are carrots being dangled on a string, tweets that mention the word independence to keep us happy. We are not happy, to my knowledge there is only one SNP MP in Westminster shouting about a referendum and seems to be as desperate as the rest of us. Pity the rest of his party are not listening to him.

There are those who believe Nicola Sturgeon will deliver, I really hope she does, for their sake because it is a helldiver way down when you realise the person who you have put your faith in did not deliver what you expected of them. Then again, I could be wrong, let us hope I am.