Death of the Empire!

It would seem the Unionist Politicians are running scared. Perhaps they know something we don’t. In that they are busy telling the people of Scotland that removing ourselves from a 300-year union will be worse than the UK removing themselves from a 40-year union. Now it would seem they are busy telling us that our referendum would be illegal. But their referendum with the European Union was perfectly fine.

How about we tell them to sit down and shut up!

The end is nigh, and they know it. They are in absolute meltdown because they can see the death of their empire. All we await now is for the First Minster to pull the trigger. I still don’t think we are quite there yet. I have been critical of Nicola Sturgeon. I still am a little critical of her, however I must put my faith in the SNP and the people of Scotland to know when to go. My own preference would have been sooner but not going at all is out of the question. I still have my suspicions, but the media and unionist meltdown has me wondering if they know something I don’t, therefore I am willing to give the First Minister the benefit of the doubt and shall be listening to the Spring Conference with interest.

I have always thought we’d go to the polls in September 2018, that did not happen, however there were many factors which put the kybosh on it. I would have like to have gone to the polls in May this year. I firmly believe if we leave it any later than August then we may as well hand the country over to the Tories. And that will be a disaster.

The Empire is on its last legs, all we need to do is put it out of its misery, hopefully soon.