Why are the Royals suddenly being given Scottish Titles?

Anyone who knows me knows I am in no way a Royalist, therefore I notice when something concerning Scotland happens. For some time now, The Queen, has bestowed Scottish Titles on her Children and Grandchildren.

Only last night it emerged that Prince Edward, (the Queen’s fourth child) yes, she does have one, was given a new title. The Earl of Wessex is now also the Earl of Forfar, which had been left extinct for more than three centuries. And last year, just before or after his wedding, the Queen’s Grandchild Prince Harry, was given the title of Earl of Dumbarton, not used since 1749. In addition to this, the Queen’s husband Prince Philip was given the title of Duke of Edinburgh some years before. Although that one was almost vacated recently.

It makes you wonder why now? Why is wee betty resurrecting titles that had died centuries ago? Perhaps she is giving her off spring a wee shot at these titles before they are lost forever. Perhaps she knows Scotland are in the crux of becoming an independent country and will tell them to sling their hook in due course. Either way, it’s very strange that this is happening now.


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