Time to get on the lifeboat!

I have often wondered if a time traveller were ever to come to the United Kingdom at this precise time what they would think. Perhaps she might think she knows how bad it is in the textbooks she read. Or seen just what a mess it all was when accessing archives. What she won’t of course realise is, just how far we are from democracy.


For those of us living through this farce, it is no longer funny. The British Government are treating the English parliament like it’s their playground. I call it the English parliament because that is what it is, and that is what it has always been. A parliament of equals it most certainly is not and never has been. When that odious little oaf Gove belittles the Scottish National Party, our representatives, (although they seem to be representing all those who voted to remain in the European Union. Something we did not send them down to do), it really does tell you all you need to know about this English parliament and its psychotic elite who, in their quest to enrich themselves further will, not only see Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland destroyed, but parts of England to.

Last night’s fiasco saw the Prime Minister vote for a no deal Brexit, and twelve of the thirteen Scottish Tory collaborators followed suit. Except for that toad Mundell, who abstained, having said recently he could not vote for a no deal Brexit, well he didn’t vote at all, he bottled it, but that’s what he always does where Scotland is concerned.

So much for the free vote, after giving assurances that members of the Conservative Party were free to vote whichever way they liked, that free vote was snatched back, and a three-line whip put in place. Which meant the party had to vote with the government, who voted to leave no deal Brexit on the table.

Who would do business with a government who acts like this? What country would trust them to keep their word in a trade deal? Their arrogance knows no bounds, they really do think they are living in Great Britain and Rule Britannia is once again going to rule the waves.

People are tired, I’m tired, I have never saw such shambles. I knew we no longer lived in a democracy, however I didn’t think for a moment we would see it played out before our very eyes. The English parliament rules over the people. It doesn’t matter a jot to them how we voted in a referendum, it does not matter that England and Wales voted to leave the European Union, it does not matter a jot that Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. The Government in England have seized power, brought in draconian laws that will only get worse. This government and this English parliament must go, they are out of control. Theresa May is acting more like a dictator than a Prime Minister. She is determined to get her withdrawal agreement through that English parliament to the detriment of the people.

The elitist psychopaths have death and destruction in their midst. They are deliberately running down the clock, they want a no deal Brexit to call a state of emergency and put troops onto the streets of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The expression on Theresa May’s face last night was sinister and frightening. Like an evil dictator who could see her plan coming to fruition. Are we really going to let this happen.?

We need to get ourselves out of this, I keep swithering, will she, won’t she call for a referendum on independence. I have no idea why the SNP are so hellbent on this peoples’ vote. There must be a time when we, the people of Scotland say, to hell with this, we’re getting into that lifeboat, are you coming Nicola, yes or no?



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