SNP – party for Scottish independence, no really it is!

Well what a week it’s been. We now have a two-week extension but only if May gets her meaningless vote through parliament. I don’t see that happening. The Prime Minister has blamed everyone but herself for the mess she is in. Pitting the people against Members of Parliament. Leave against remain. It really is an absolute mess.

Yesterday saw over a million take to the streets of London to demand the Government give it back to the people. It saw several prominent MPs take to the stage to demand the Prime Minister put it back to the people. And our own First Minister Nicola Sturgeon angrily shouting from the stage, telling everyone gathered and those watching on social media that it should be put back to the people. I presumed she headed back home to Scotland after her photo-ops with her fellow politicians.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Inverness to be exact, there was an independence march going on, and we will be gathering in George Square, (freedom Square) for the Hope over Fear rally, this afternoon. I don’t expect Nicola Sturgeon to show up at this, hopefully she will be putting the final touches into her plan, the one she has been telling the people of Scotland she will inform us of for months now.

I have no idea what the Scottish National Party are doing, I have no idea if they are even the party of independence. Friday saw us all being patronised by two SNP members of parliament telling us we should be out campaigning, talking to our neighbours, and out walking about. It really does get tedious when you start to think of the outcome, when you start to think of reasons why you are doing it. When you haven’t got a clue what the party of independence is doing about, well independence.

Winnie Ewing said as she entered parliament, “I am here to settle up, not settle in.” yet it seems to me that the SNP have settled down. They are so busy trying to keep the whole of the UK in the European Union they are forgetting what they were put in power to do. Lend us your vote. Well we did and look what you have done with it.

The next few days will tell us all we need to know about the intentions of the SNP. Their mandate states significant change, such as Scotland being dragged out of the EU against our will. What other significant change might they use in case that awful deal gets through? Oh. how about the mere fact that Scotland isn’t a partner of equals, what about the mere fact that our voices have been ignored, how about the mere fact that our resources are being stolen.

The SNP are in danger of losing those who lent them their vote, who joined them because they were the party of independence. They can talk about independence all they like, until they actually start showing it, then next time they come knocking for non members to lend them their vote, that vote may not be given.