Time to go Scotland…time to lead the way

We are in the final moments of a farce that has played out before our eyes for more than two years. In those years what has become blatantly obvious is that Westminster does not work for us. To be fair, it doesn’t work for anyone else either. Our representatives, well the ones parliament dislike have been treated disgustingly. They have been shouted down and drowned out, ridiculed and abused, what’s more, this has come from those who profess to represent Scotland. They have continually come across as haters of the country in which they reside.



Many in Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, and many voted to leave. However, there was more for remain. Regardless of how Scotland voted, the treatment of our representatives and indeed Scotland by the super-rich elite in London has been a bit of an eye-opener to those who are not political. The utter farce that is Westminster lies in tatters, the acarian traditions of what was once deemed the ‘mother of all parliaments’ lies bruised and broken at our feet. Parliamentarians, too busy fighting with each other, scrapping for position, party before country, party before result. The ‘big I am’s’ all fighting it out on the world stage. Who in their right mind would do a deal with this lot? They have been found to be proven liars. Some bordering on fascism. A Prime Minister so determined, it is her way or the highway that she has allowed herself to be humiliated not once, not twice but three times in trying to get that ludicrous deal past.

Or perhaps this is how it was supposed to play out, run down the Brexit clock until we crash out with no deal, or revote Article 50, in order that parliamentarians can say to the people. “Look we tried, the United Kingdom was split right down the middle. So, we tried to represent both sides. Best just forget it eh. Best just go back to where we were before the 24th June 2016.” Only we cannot do that, even if Article 50 was revoked tomorrow, the mother of all parliaments has been shown up for the sham it has always been. Parliamentarians shown to represent their party, not the people. certain parliamentarian’s privy to secrets that must be kept from the people. We should be given access to that privy council, we are the people and we should be in charge. But we are not, and never have been. Party before people and the relic in the palace before anyone else. If those secrets effect the people of the United Kingdom, then the people have the right to know. Otherwise we will simply say, it’s scaremongering. Either tell us the truth or don’t say anything at all. I am sure I am not the only one looking on and thinking, “You keep telling us it will be doom and gloom, but you don’t say how, or why. You keep saying jobs will go but you don’t say where.” Time to put up or shut up.

Politics in the United Kingdom is broken, it lies in pieces at the foot of than magnificent building, with its archaic traditions, time for it to become the museum it is, time to leave within its echo chambers those who do not have the people at its heart. Time to close the door and leave them to fight it out. Time for Scotland to go, time for Cornwall to go, time for Wales to go, time for Northern Ireland to reunify. Time for the real people of England to tell their representatives to go away and never darken their door again. Time for the United Kingdom to separate and come back together as individual nations who are permitted to be the best friends anyone could have. Helping each other without the mother of all parliaments or those vipers within taking from everyone and giving back nothing but more importantly, time to go Scotland, time to lead the way.