Oh do fuck off!

Unionist politicians are desperate to tell us what our movement is, they are beside themselves in describing our peaceful movement as the same nationalism they witnessed yesterday (Friday) when the Brit-Nat’s marched to London town, compete with their anti-Catholic flute band.

The twenty-ninth March has come and gone, and we are still in the European Union, something many in England disliked immensely if the ugly scenes outside parliament are anything to go by. That is British Nationalism at play, and that is what we in the independence movement have had to put up with. Yet unionist politicians are blinkered to it; they seem to see it as, one in the same, faults on both sides. However, there was only one group stood in George Square doing Nazi salutes on 19th September 2014, only one group held back by police as the independence movement walked peacefully past. Only members of one group shouting “Fucking bastards” as we past them on Union street Glasgow. And that group wasn’t the independence movement. That said, unionist politicians can be forgiven for their lack of knowledge on the yes movement, they see what is presented in front of them by a compliant London media with news framed in such a way as to portray the yes movement as being negative when the opposite is true.

The yes movement portrayed on social media by unionist press and politicians is not the movement I am part of, it is not comprised of Scots and only Scots, it is not a narrow minded little Britain. The yes movement is a Broadchurch of people from all colour and cred, young and old. A mix of nationalities, with accents that blend into the beauty that is Scotland. All with one aim, to free ourselves from the shackles of a Westminster elite and a greedy decaying monarchy who take and take from the people. Everyone is welcome, especially our English cousins who have made Scotland their home. Or who are planning to make Scotland their home. Time and time again I have found those on social media to be welcoming, encouraging those who are tired of the greed and the abuse of Westminster, to come to Scotland, there is a welcome here and we await them with open arms. Not once have they been told not to come; not once have they been told we are full.

The yes movement is not nationalism, it is internationalism, there are those who want freedom for our country and that is all and there are those who want freedom but to be a nation state within the European Union. What we most certainly are not is Nazi saluting, flute-playing Brit-Nats, and those who are trying to compare the two can fuck right off.




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