Show don’t tell!

Show don’t tell is one of the most useful pieces of advice I received as a scriptwriter. Listening to members of the SNP in Westminster last night I offer the same advice. Show us, don’t tell us. As the results of the indicative votes emerged an incensed contingent of SNP MP’s took to twitter to share their outrage that Article 50 would not be withdrawn. I must admit I have had misgivings about this stance by the SNP. What comes across loudly is the fact that they seem perfectly happy to have the wishes of over 17 million people overturned in the blink of an eye. Is that democratic? I think not. I cannot see for the life of me why the Scottish National Party are so hellbent in keeping everyone in the European Union, but I guess they have their reasons.

As their attempt to have Article 50 withdrawn failed, the leader of the Westminster contingent Ian Blackford reminded parliament that the people of Scotland are sovereign and that the time will come when the people will determine our own future. That time has come and gone, people are not quietly telling them to get their finger out, they are screaming at them. Those who are, not members of the SNP are wondering just what the hell is going on, “Why is Nicola Sturgeon dragging her feet?” is a question they have  frequently asked me. “Why are we not using the mandate?” is another. I have no idea I tell them. I am at a complete loss as to what the SNP are doing. Surely now is the time for addressing the question of self-determination. Now is the time to stop with the soundbites, show us don’t tell us. We are through being treated as idiots. We can see independence being kicked into the long grass. It is looking like a no deal Brexit is on the cards. The rich elite stand to make a killing when we leave the EU, therefore why would they want us to stay?

People I have spoken to from both the no and the yes campaigns of 2014 are in limbo, there are those who, having voted no last time are ready to vote yes. They want to remain in the European Union, I am not a big fan of either union and would like the country to be independent of everything, however, I am a democrat and will go with what the majority in Scotland want. That said, the ruling elite in Westminster are out of control and have no idea what their antics are doing to their reputation, which if I am honest was less than zero before they even began. Watching them shout and cry at the prospect of not getting their way, or almost spontaneously combusting at the differing views from colleagues and those across the benches is a sight to behold. They really do believe they were born to rule the United Kingdom which they see as their playground, and refer to as my country, our country. They are not referring to the country of the people, they are telling the people that the United Kingdom is theirs and theirs alone. Time for the people tell them no, time for the peoples of each part of the United Kingdom to tell them to sod off, but most importantly it is time for the people of Scotland to tell our representatives to, show us, don’t tell us.

Another disaster looms, the 12th of April lives in the memory of titanic enthusiasts, the day the magnificent unsinkable ship hit that iceberg and sunk. Now the UK is careering towards another iceberg named Brexit, time for Scotland to abandon ship before we are kept below deck, like the poor sods on the titanic who could only watch the chaos through the iron gates which separated them. Not emerging until it was too late. Our lifeboat awaits, for the love of god SNP, show us where it is, don’t tell us. For we may take it ourselves and leave you behind.