List-They are un-elected and therefore should go!

List MSP’s voted into the Scottish Parliament are not elected by the public but are put forward by their party. Controversy from list MSP’s are never very far away. We all remember Conservative and Unionist Tory Annie Wells stating that she believed in the sovereignty of the people but not the sovereignty of the Scottish Parliament. Well the latest controversy comes from senior Tory LIST MSP Michelle Ballantyne. Ballantyne, a former leader of the Conservative Group on Scottish Borders Council was sworn into the Scottish Parliament in May of 2017, after John Lamont resigned his seat to fight the Berwick, Roxburgh and Selkirk Westminster seat triggering a by-election which Racheal Hamilton fought, her seat being filled by Ballantyne. A list MSP, unelected by the public, as are many other list MSPs. Yes, that is how undemocratic our voting system is; many members of the Scottish parliament have been chosen by their party, not the public. However, the public must pay them for sitting in a parliament they have NOT been elected to. As well as paying these unelected cretins we must listen to their views, view such as Ballantynes view on the National Health Service. Her outburst echoing what those of us who know what the Conservative and Unionist Party stand for, privatisation.

In an exchange in parliament, the shadow cabinet secretary for Communities and Social Security stated that she would be “Quite happy if the government had nothing to do with running the NHS.” We all know where words like this lead. To the selloff of OUR National Health Service, which Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron assured everyone at the 2006 conference that it was ‘safe in his hands’ and we all know how that worked out. No sooner were the Tories in power than they began to dismantle the English NHS piece by piece. And here’s Ballantyne, the un-elected list MSP telling us that she would be quite happy if our government had nothing to do with our NHS.

 First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, said in her reponse: I think Michelle Ballantyne’s comments will underline the concern that many people have that the NHS would not be safe in Conservative hands because they’d want to privatise it at the first opportunity they got.”

It certainly does, I have always had concerns about what would happen if Ballantyne and her cohorts got their grubby hands on our parliament, there is no telling what they would do. Ballantyne, is known for her controversial views. She has aleady denied there being a bedroom tax, brought controversy when she stated that “those on benefits cannot have as many children as they like.” What an absolute charmer this charlatan is. “The two-child limit is about fairness, is it fair that people on benefits can have as many children as they like while people who work and pay their way, don’t claim benefits have to make decisions about the number of children they can have.”

Let me get this straight, those on benefits are denied children because those who are not on benefits cannot afford to have them but those on benefits, or the awful Universal Credit who are having their wages topped up because the minimum wage is kept so low that people do not qualify to pay tax are denied the number of children they can have because they don’t pay tax? Following me so far? What an absolute disgrace this woman is. There are some on benefit who do have children, and do not work, but this woman had gathered everyone together and told us all that we cannot have as many children we like because she doesn’t think it’s fair. Well I do not think it’s fair for a government to impose a two-child policy. Ballantyne and those like her as sitting in our parliament voting on policy without the consent of the Scottish people. Her party are sitting in Westminster, unelected by the people of Scotland having these types of draconian policy imposed on us.

Time to change the system. Time for all these charlatans to go. If they want a seat in OUR parliament stand, but come in the front door, do not slip in the back. And that goes for every single list MSP. This system is not democratic and should be changed as soon as possible. Time for the likes of Ballantyne and her cohorts to go. Why the hell should be pay for un-elected MSPs. And in the case of Westminster, well there is a remedy for that. It is only a matter of time before we put a stop to London rule.