Let them rest in peace in the land they love!

Anyone who has ever had the privilege of spending time at Culloden will no doubt, remember how sombre it feels, how beautiful, yet tragic.  Culloden holds a place in the heart of every patriot of Scotland, those like myself who’s love for my country matches the love I have for my family. Every time I have visited the battlefield it is as if I am surrounded by my fellow patriots, who died for the country they loved. And it is truly an honour to spend some time with them. It is as if they know, as if we are still connected to this day. Therefore, how on earth could the council even consider granting planning permission for the site to be developed into some money-making scheme. Culloden is a place to come and pay our respects. It should never be turned into a holiday village which seems to be the case if these greedy developers have their way.


It came to my attention a few days ago that the National Trust for Scotland, or whatever the hell they call themselves launched a public consultation which aims to ensure the long-term protection of Culloden moor, the site of the 1746 Battlefield from developers hellbent on building a huge holiday park, a 200-seat restaurant and caravan park. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these cretins want to desecrate our battlefield, were our men gave their lives for our country. The mere fact that it is an actual graveyard means nothing to these people. And of course, they seem to have a compliant council. The NTS consultation isn’t much of anything really, the questions are a bit skewed.


  • Tell us three things you think are important about the landscape at Culloden?
  • This could be what you enjoy?
  • What concerns you?
  • What you would not want to lose?
  • Where are you from?


Well the battlefield would be a good start, it’s important that it’s still there and not under some huge ass holiday park, or some huge as caravan park, or some huge ass restaurant. Or god, forbid, some more over-priced houses. That would be a great start. Telling the council and developers to go take a flying-fig to themselves would be another. Culloden is a graveyard, would we be so carefree if the council gave into developers who wanted to dig up Granny, or worse just build a big house on top of her?

The National Trust for Scotland said of this in their tweet: “Against a background of pressure from housing developers and others we’ve launched a public consultation with the aim of long-term protection of Culloden moor, the site of the 1746 Battle.”

Consultation here

News of developers’ intention to take Culloden and develop it with complete disregard to those who rest beneath it did not go down well at all.

Nicola Forrester tweeted: “I can’t believe this is even being considered, Culloden moor is such an atmospheric place of high historical importance. Placing a housing estate on or near is sacrilege.”

Karen Govan: “Done. (meaning she signed the consultation) Culloden must be protected. Further development would be a crime committed against those that perished and suffered.”

Melissa Sutton: “Cannot believe that anyone would disrespect this place where so many have fallen, I swear, you can feel them there. Let them rest.”

Sue Castleton: “Done. (also signed) Visited Culloden many times. Horrified that the hideous developers could move in. Must preserve our history.”

Colin MacDonald: “We need protectors in place for all battlefield sites in Scotland. Obviously, the patchwork of ownership is a problem and it would be good if the NTS could lead efforts to have one single authority over these sites, otherwise they will just be cut up piecemeal.”

Karen Kady: This is beyond comprehension, it would be unforgivable how anybody would even consider desecrating such an important and historical site is beyond me.”

Money is the world’s curse, and those who like making lots and lots of it will do anything, even desecrate the final resting place of those who lay down their lives. To developers they only see profit, a quick buck and move on to their next project leaving behind a trail of destruction. Yet there is more to this than meets the eye, it is the continuation of eradicating our history, out of sight out of mind. We must preserve Culloden but signing a consultation is not going to wash, all it will do is tell the National Trust Scotland that the public are for or against this development. The real power lies with the developers and the greedy council who will see this pushed through. If we really want to make a difference it will take more than typing words onto a computer screen. Show don’t tell. Especially as they seem to want to know where you are from. As if that has some clarity over the decision. It is disgusting, but sadly not surprising, what does Culloden really mean to the people of Scotland? If it meant a lot, they’d be up there fighting for it. Instead we simply air our views on social media, satisfied we’ve had today’s moan.

Culloden, when it’s gone it’s gone!