Independence update: I shall believe it when I see it!

In a week that saw the Brexit nightmare kicked down the road to Halloween, Julian Assange dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy by what looked like Special Branch, and Nicola Sturgeon making her usual noise about plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence, I was glad to get to the end of it. There was so much being thrown at the public it was hard for us to keep up.

2018 AUOB march

Surly now is the time for Scotland to go. The debacle that is Westminster is a laughing stock, politicians are a laughing stock, in fact, the United Kingdom are a laughing stock, therefore why are we still here? And why has Nicola Sturgeon not taken advantage of that open goal?

For weeks now, I have aired my views on what is a third referendum on Scottish Independence, the first two having been stolen from the people, the first by those who voted from their graves it would seem; the second by what could be the rigging of the postal votes. Now it would seem a third referendum is being kicked into the long grass by the leader of the very party who profess to be the party of Scottish independence. The Scottish National Party Leadership are not acting on the mandate, given to them by the people, which states that if we should be dragged out of the European Union against our will then a referendum on Scottish independence should be held. Yet, First Minister Nicola sturgeon is still banging on about a second referendum on whether to leave the European Union and the revoking of Article 50.

Now we are told that an announcement on an update on another referendum on Scottish independence will be soon, as SNP MP Angus B MacNeil, in answer to a tweet by the National Newspaper pointed out on twitter: “We have an announcement of the announcement before the 24th April”

The National Newspaper, launched back in November 2014, in response to cries from a population who, upon finding they did not have a newspaper to air their views demanded they be met. The National has been instrumental in getting the message of the grassroots movement out to the public tweeted this: “Breaking: First Minister to issue independence referendum update.”

If MacNeil’s response is anything to go by, I would pencil in Thursday 24th April, as a possible date for the waffle that will surely come from the First Minister, after Easter anyway, that will give her time to bleat on about another referendum on EU membership and how Scotland should not be dragged out of the European Union against the will of the people of Scotland. One consolation, the SNP MP’s in Westminster will be on holiday, therefore we won’t be subjected to them also bleating on about another referendum on European membership or withdrawing article 50. Regardless of how the people of England and Wales voted.

For quite some time I thought I was the only one frustrated with the SNP’s lack of clarity over Brexit and their fixation with overturning a democratically held referendum in which most people south of the border who voted made their views known. The SNP are showing that they are not a party that takes democracy seriously, which is a worrying concept indeed, to disregard the feelings and wishes of others to get what they want is troubling, not to mention concerning. If they do not start addressing the people of Scotland, then they may find that those of us who leant them our votes shall have that vote withheld. Please do not go down the root of Labour party branch in Scotland, please do not take those of us who are backing you now for granted, because if you do, you may find our support gone. Please do not take us for mugs. I shall be watching this announcement with interest, if another referendum on membership of the European Union, or the revoking of Article 50 is mentioned before independence for Scotland, you will not have my vote. I will not vote for any other party, but I will not vote for a party who is not acting on the mandate given. If the First Minister’s first preference for an independent Scotland still holds true. Then she should push for Brexit as is the mandate given. Instead she seems content to keep the whole of the United Kingdom in a union only Scotland and Northern Ireland want to be in. Enough of this nonsense, your priority should be the to the people of Scotland, not the United Kingdom, an update on Scottish independence. I won’t hold my breath.


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  1. ‘The SNP are showing that they are not a party that takes democracy seriously’. Seriously? OK, I detect someone from elsewhere telling us what’s what. What?


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