The Hierarchy of the ‘Grassroots’ movement!

It has become clear that the ‘grassroots’ movement seem to have a hierarchy, those who believe they are perfectly entitled to dictate to everyone else. Who died suddenly and left you lot in charge. I am sick and tired of individuals and groups picking fights and lording it over everyone else. Making ridiculous statements about whom they will support and whom they won’t. Quite frankly it is tiresome now.


One such group said in a tweet that they will not share anything from Wings over Scotland, please do us all a favour and get over yourselves. You are playing right into the hands of unionist media and politicians. If you do not wish to share anything from ‘Wings’ just don’t share it. Why announce that you are not sharing it?


The grassroots movement was powerful during the referendum of 2014, it was unstoppable, everyone with the same goal, now it is fractured because egos are getting in the way, there are those who are working damn hard for the goal they have always wanted an independent Scotland. The petty point scoring and the taking of sides is killing the movement. You are full of your own importance, you are not that important, believe me. What do you think people on the outside looking into the movement think? I’ll tell you what people who are still undecided are telling me.

“We’ll never get independence, that movement are too busy fighting wae wan other tae fight fir independence, so we’ll never get it. It’s ridiculous, every day on twitter they’re arguing wae wan another. A whole load of people full of their ain importance, it’s fucking mad so it is.” one young man told me recently.

It is ‘as he said’ mad, everyone still wants the same goal, everyone is working hard, everyone has their own way of campaigning, of making those still not convinced aware. No one is more important than anyone else and I am sure that is what people in the grassroots movement will say. However, on social media it comes across as a hierarchy dictating to everyone else what they should and should not be doing. Everyone has the right to disagree but just remember people are sitting quietly watching and thinking.

“Can ye imagine if we goat independence and we had that lot in charge, nothing would get done, they’d be too busy fighting wae wan another…a ken it’s the politicians in all that but for Christ Sake, they ought tae grow the fuck up.”

We want independence, we have different views on how we get our independence, however the fighting seems to be taking up far too much energy. For me, I really do not care what happens. Just let me know when to go and vote and I’ll vote. I am tired of the infighting, tired of the hierarchy dictating, tired of the Scottish National Party’s stalling tactics. If I am tired and I live and breathe independence for Scotland. I am quite sure others must feel the same way. As I said, let me know when I’ve to vote, and I’ll pop round to my local polling station.



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