Its Time – let’s do this!

I have no idea what to make of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s speech. She told us nothing that we did not already know. Just more of the same, a referendum should Scotland be taken out of the European Union against our will…bla..bla…bla.

Now we have some sort of ‘get your coat it’s time’ campaign, time for what? What are we working towards, a referendum, well when will that be? It is easy to blame the First Minister, easy to let our frustration get the better of us, get the better of me. Nicola’s stance has never changed, referendum if we are taken out of the EU. That is the mandate she has been given, what concerned me more though, it Nicola’s determination to keep the whole of the United Kingdom in the European Union, which begs the question, is that a deal she done with Junker? Forget the people of Scotland, keep the whole of the UK in the union with Europe? I sincerely hope not. England and Wales voted to leave, it is for them to sort out, not us.

Now we have an October deadline for Brexit and in that time, we have had, the Easter break, and in July six or seven weeks holiday. They are winding down the clock, trying to get May’s deal through or still face being taken out without a deal, do not underestimate the Tory elite who have their fingers in all those Brexit pies. As soon as we leave, all those powers that are keeping the wolf from swallowing up Scotland will descend. Greedy frackers itching to frack the fuck out of this country. The erosion of powers the Scottish Parliament has, that may dismantle it entirely.

We need out and we need out now!

It would seem by the reaction to unionist politicians and media that there is a majority in Scotland for independence, polls are edging towards an all-out majority, it does not matter how many times they scream and shout, it does not matter how many songs and dances the unionists make. The people are fed up, they want out of this union, a union that does not work and has never worked for Scotland and a union that is not a union at all. It is one country being held hostage by another. That is not a union of equals. How dare unionist politicians dictate to the people of Scotland, how dare SCOTTISH politicians ignore the will of the people. They do so at their own demise at the ballot box. The people of this country tend to show their feelings with the stroke of a pencil, and right now those I have spoken to are either, angry, or worried. And looking to the Scottish National Party to sort this mess out, they cannot, only we the people can. That is why we must make our feelings felt. We must get out and march in even bigger numbers than last year.

Scotland stands at a crossroads, do we take our independence, do we act as if we are independent already. Or do we sit back and let greedy over-privileged morons dictate what we can and cannot have, and what we do and do not want.

I welcome Nicola’s statement, I just hope she tells Westminster to sod off, in the politest of ways of course. A section 30 order, are you kidding me? We the people are still sovereign, for now at least. Who knows what will happen if that NEW ACT OF UNION currently making its way through the Lords makes it into the Commons. One thing is for sure, if it does, it’s curtains for Scotland. Let us remind media that it is for the people of Scotland to decide, not them, and it most certainly is not for politicians to dictate to the people. It’s time, let us do this.